RSVP Tackks

RSVPs – Now there's a way to keep track of everyone who's coming even if they aren't on Facebook or if you don't want to be restricted to creating a Facebook event. Plus you keep all the details of your event (time, location, game-plan, map, etc) with your RSVPs.

Here's how it came together...

WIP: Day 1

Added a new "bare-bones" RSVP widget to Tackk. Slide to the next photo to see the progress on the widget & styling made in Day 1.

WIP: Day 2. HTML + Preliminary Styles complete:

WIP: Day 3.

Saving a new response works. And when you refresh the page it will show up.

WIP Day 4. Dev-Complete

Okay so what do you get with this bad boy?

  • Allow people to RSVP –with no login barrier. Even grandma can respond.
  • Each response is editable by the responder (hover yours to edit the response). Hey, plans change.
  • Responses are organized by who's coming.
  • Get notifications (on Tackk & in email) when people respond.
  • See a convenient visual representation of your responses.
  • Easily invite friends on Facebook
  • Added bonus @user mentions & #hashtags work in the RSVP responses.

Check it out:

A note on ancillary changes

Stream nickname – For anonymous users the name you enter in Stream should sync with the RSVP name & vice versa.

Tours deactivated – Stream tour has been deactivated. When you visit Tackk for the first time (or incognito) you will no longer be offered the tour.