Holodomor, Guatemalan Civil War, and The Armenian Genocide

Guatemalan citizens carry their loved ones on their shoulders after a Guatemalan Government attack.

Dead suspected guerrillas, held at army garrison, the government forces of Guatemala have been condemned for committing genocide against the Mayan population of Guatemala during the civil war and for widespread human rights violations against civilians.

Passers-by and the corpse of a starved man on a street in Kharkiv, 1932.

Pedestrians walking past bodies of starved peasants on a street in Kharkiv, 1933.

An Armenian town left pillaged and destroyed after the massacres in Adana in 1909.

Scenes like this were common all over the Armenian provinces, in the spring and summer months of 1915. Death in its several forms—massacre, starvation, exhaustion destroyed the larger part of the refugees.

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