Weekly Workout Routine

Sunday: Rest Day with short, targeted exercises mostly derived from Emily Skye routines or DailyHiit.

Monday: DailyHiit Challenge for high intensity workouts with a variety of different moves and variations. Usually short, targeted workouts as well.

Tuesday: BikiniBodyMommy Challenge 2.0 Strength and Cardio routines of increasing intensity each week. Some days my Wednesday DailyHiit routine will be done today instead.

Wednesday: Same as Monday unless a Rest Day is needed. If rest then short, basic exercises such as: Squats x20, pushups x20, overhead tri extend x20, bicep curl x20, plank x60 seconds.

Thursday: Same as Tuesday.

Friday: Same as Monday, Wednesday.

Saturday: DailyHiit Challenge and BikiniBodyMommy Challenge Cardio workout. Some days BikiniBodyMommy Strength added as well.

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