My Happiest Childhood Memories

In this photo, I am still very small, but every time I see her I always remember the naughty he was, especially with my sister. When I see this picture, I can not help but laugh and hug my sister and remember those times when we were little and did not stop bothering one another. On that occasion, we were at the Parque de las Leyendas and our parents took us for a walk,I remember that I dropped the ball and just in this moment taking the photo when my sister closed the eyes for fear that you drop the ball with it, it is fun. I really it seems to me great to see a picture and remember both and feel so happy.

In this picture, is a very nice memory from my childhood. In the photo, I am with my sister, it's my first spring party at school because I was in first grade. It was very nice, I remember that I felt very excited, not separating me from the hand of my sister, If you ask me because I was so nervous, I would answer that it is because I felt like my first meeting with several people, where I could talk and meet new people, since very young I liked interacting, and that day and had a great time. I also remember that day draws were made and I win a ball, although I lost the ball a few months later, I like to win something, it was a very rewarding experience.

In this photo, we are my parents, my sister, my aunt, my cousin and me. Now I see the photo, and I remember those moments seem we were happy too, it was a nice day. On that day, my sister, my aunt and I were doing first communion, and in so doing all three together the whole family was there. If you ask me, I think a celebration should be filled with all the people you love and that day I lived well. Everyone had a great time, I do not think we had any dislike that day because we left the ceremony, then came the people taking the pictures, then go home to eat and celebrate and then at the end of the day, all to sleep . It was an amazing day.

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