Civil War Journal

Charles Athur

This picture shows home.  It shows a nice warm bed with blankets in a house I know will be heated and have plenty of food/ water.  Home sweet home<3

Dear Mother,

The war has ended and I am coming home. I told you I would make it through the war and that I would help win this for the union.  And I kept all of those promises.  It was completely worth it.  I am planning on marching with my buddy Thomas from our home town.  Yes it will take a few days but with the amount of marching we have done throughout this war, it will be a piece of cake. I am so excited to be coming home and finally will be able to have family time.  I miss all of you guys so much and I will hopefully be home within the week.  Wish me luck - Margaret

This is what happened when people got injured or wounded in the war.  They had to sit in a bed getting cared for in a hospital type place until they were feeling better.

we're gonna get our freedom now lets win lets win

one soldier shots the other dies lets win lets win

they sneak up and surprise attack and the others try to fight back

we're gonna get our freedom back lets win lets win

the south's gonna pay YAY

One of my good friends is not doing too well.  His name is Abraham and he got shot in the war and had to wait 4 days to get the bullet removed by a doctor.  After a few days the wound became infected and he went back to the hospital.  They had to amputate his arm and ever since Abraham has been very sick.  One of the other girls here that are pretending to be a guy is very kind.  She will give up her food and water for anyone, but one day she got very thirsty.  She just had to drink some water and all that was around was dirty muddy water so she drank it and she has been very ill every since.  A few of the guys a couple of mile s over on the other side of camp has these little bugs on his head and they move around and they itch.  He has been slowly giving it to other people because permanently its contagious.   I really hope I don't get ill anytime soon.

Camp got very boring after a while.  I liked playing cards, singing, and having animal fights.  My two friends at camp and I used to sit for hours playing card game after card game and signing.   Yes it was boring and from time to time I did get annoyed of them but they proved to me what a true friend was.  The food got scarce sometimes and if there was younger kids or weak soldiers I would give up my food for them.  My favorite food out of eveeyrthing was corn bread it was sure delicious.

For fun we got to eat cornbread and sit around and tell old time memories and stories pasted down from the elderly.

Jeremiah, when you chose to stay and take care of your mother,

what caused you to make that choice?  I made that choice because there was no one else there to  help her.  She is my mother, I love her and if something happended to her when I was gone I would never forgive myself.

Jeremiah, look

ing back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?  I am very proud of being so selfless and saying home to care for my mother.  She was one of the most important people in my life and as much as I wanted to go she needed me.  I miss her dearly and she holds a place in my heart forever.  May we always remember<3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you a wish had been different?

If I could wish anything it would have be for my mom to not pass away.  I needed her and even though she isn't physically here anymore I know she is my guardian angel.  Shes up there watching over me and I love her and miss her so very much.

Jeremiah, what was is like being captured by the confederate army?

It was honestly the worst experience of my life.  They beat me and they tried to brain wash me in thinking everything they said was right and they tried to control me.  I played there "game" and acted dumb and helpless and then one day ran away and made it back to my hometown and got reunited with everyone.  Thank god I didn't get caught.

This is what we got to eat on special occasion a nice bowl of oats.

Dear Mother,

                   This time away from home has been tough.  Having to be "a guy" is not easy.  The guys here are rough and are very crazy.  I am lucky because I have the good general, and he isn't too tough.  He made us do 8 hours of drills today and surprisingly no one got punished today so I would have to say its a good day.  2 weeks ago I stole part of my bunk mates dinner and I didn't get to eat for 2 days it was horrible.  I just am very excited for this war to end so I eventually come home, relax and be the sweet old Margret Ann again. I got lucky and it is not hot at all in Indiana.  It's perfectly warm with a breeze and its wonderful.  I hate the long hours that we have to go out fighting and the minimal amount of food but in the end I know this is all going to be worth it when we win and abolish slavery once and for all.  


               Your Daughter Margret

Civil War Slang Skit

s that guy over there is sure a hard case

k he hard knocked general smith

s some of the guys were fit to be tied

k wait he has an arkansa toothpick

s bully

k bully

s hun

k that guy sure has some horse sense

s lets go join him and be a good possum to him

k he probably is going to end up being a jailbird

s well he sure is toeing the mark


My real name is Margaret Ann Arthur but my cover name is Charles Arthur. I am in the Union, I am 18, and I am a Major ranking in the war. My family and I are from Illinois.  We have been here my whole entire life.  I have a mom a dad 3 brothers and 2 sister. All of them are older than me except 1 brother and 1 sister.  My mom is named Ann and my dad is named Thomas.  My three brothers are named William, James, and George.  My sisters are named Mary and Catherine.  All of us are fighting in the war except my mom, and my younger brother and sister. I really wanted to fight because I am 100% for the union and so is my family. I’m a little nervous as I am young and I am a girl. We live in a very small town and everyone knows everyone.  Everyone in my hometown went to fight except the elderly, women, or very young children. I know some kids from my hometown that are 12 and are fighting. Before I left I told my family that I would try to win. If I didn't make it I would be okay with it because I would have died for a good reason. In my heart I want to just go home and be safe and not have to deal with all of this.  But I am going to stand up to the South and win and show them they are wrong and we will win and I will not regret fighting at the end of this war.

What I saw almost everyday, this navy blue uniform with brown leather details.

Selfie of the day in my fabulous uniform.

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