Live Like Me

To be like me is to wake up in the early morning everyday, you'd have to wake up around 7:20 and get out of the comfy bed. Go to the restroom, brush your teeth and wash your face so you can be fully awaken. Next go back to the room and fix the covers and put the bed together, once your done go to the closet and pick out an outfit for the day.

Make sure to keep it classy and cute. Last step of getting ready is to comb your hair and style it the way you feel comfy with. Don't forget to put some body spray. Then head to Ennis High School, the school im attending right now. Once you get there go straight to the cafeteria and just wait for my 3 friends to get there and have a conversation till you hear the bell, that's how you know it's time to go to first period which will be depending on the day either Physics or Cosmo. Go by the schedule the entire time you are at school.

Once you are dismissed go to where the buses are located on the bardwell side and look for bus #2. Get on and just wait till the bus driver gets on and starts heading out. Your stop will be the first stop he makes, get off and go home to 402 E Madison. Food will be ready and on the table for you to eat. Then go to the room and just chill and check on my social medias, and text friends. Later if you get bored of doing that you can go turn the Xbox and watch movies on Netflix. Then text my best friend Miranda and other friends of mine to send if they wanna go out and eat or do something. If not you can shower earlier then the time I shower around 10 something. Then it's time for bed and the start of another good day.

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