Madeline Ehlke octobor PE project

# 15 for ten pionts

Option #13
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The class that I took was at the West Side YMCA.  The class was called Group Power and involved a lot of weights.  It also got your heart up by doing a lot of reps of each exercise.  The classes are every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:45-6:45.  It is an hour long class and "each song is a muscle group.  It starts with legs and works your back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and all muscles.  I liked the music and the class because it makes lifting weights fun, and it goes by fast.  I felt great after the class and cannot wait to take it with mom next week!

Opsion #8, 1 piont

One game we played out side with my family is 500. Me and my sister Meagan are across the yard when my dad say what the play is or what the number is. That when he thoughts it up and one of us cach it or runs up after it.

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