Obsession with Perfection

"Somewhere along the line we've equated the perfect butt with the perfect life."
                                                                             -The Huffington Post

Dating website Whatsyourprice.com asked 100,oo men what makes a perfect woman ,

the results were :

-blonde                                         -social drinker

- blue eyes                                    -graduate degree

-non smoker                               -slender body

what is perfection ?

The idea of a perfect woman has always existed, women have always had standards . but throughout history the image of a  "perfect woman" has changed greatly .

the ideal appearance of a womans body :

1910 : the Gibson girl

           - a figure 8 body        - small waist but very curvy body  

            -sloped shoulders     - long neck

1920 : the flapper

         - petite           - barely five feet tall 

         -flat chested  - bob haircut

1950 : curvy girl ( of Jessica rabbit proportions )

         -curves galore

1980 :the supermodel

        - tall   -long legs  - joggers body

2010 : the booty babe

         - big butts are the craze  - role models including : Kim k, Nicki Manaj ,  and Jlo  


the idea of perfection doesn't only have to do with body image , according to popular belief men prefer blondes and blue eyed woman . the way girls dress , what they do for hobbies and many other things have to do with what men and the rest of society finds attractive  .Women's  personality  and capability to do strenuous things have been overlooked throughout history because women were never meant to have much of a role in a relationship or in society . Before women were just pretty faces had to change when the fashion craze or idea of beauty changed .

How does this effect girls today ?

Back then the idea of perfection had girls squeezing into corsets and cutting their hair into bobs back then and in the 2000s girls were spray tanning abs on , today when girls hit puberty their mental and physical health deteriorates and some have trases of clinical depression . in addition to this teenage girls to suicide , eating disorders , substance abuse and early  pregnancy . the increase of eating disorders especially anorexia and bulimia suggests that the body has become an obsession , these unhealthy eating habits often result in death . in the 1990s tests that asked young girls to indicate about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their own thighs and butt were used to unlock the life of many American girls , today you don't have to dig that deep to find out when a woman is unhappy with their body,you often find teenage girls use fad diets , laxitives , and many other things to try to get themselves to look  like the ideal woman. the pressure of looking perfect has pushed many girls to the limit,most girls don't care about whats healthy, using weightloss pills or even pills to gain weight ! the idea of perfection doesn't only affect young girls,older women get cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery to look younger . the accumulative pressures that are put on girls to look perfect makes women of all ages abuse themselves and gives them psychological problems .

most of these celebrities are not strictly feminists but they all want gender equality .

Modern faces of feminism

Women are fighting back more than ever ,There is a growing part of society trying to get everyone to be happy in their own skin .Feminism groups like the ones below are emerging and are working to diminish the standards that are put on women .A lot of clothing and hygiene companies are using a more realistic image of women's body and have stopped encouraging the idea of a perfect woman .Feminism is now a big part of pop culture,feminist use the media,internet,and protests to get their point across. feminism is a controversial topic , people are questioning whether feminism actually works or if it just gives women an opportunity to be against men . Some feminist argue that they are fighting for gender equality not feminine superiority , but that surfaced the question ; why feminism not humanism?


  •   Brumberg, Joan Jacobs. The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls. New York: Random House, 1997. Print.   - This book has lost of information on how women see their bodies and how it has changed over time, it also explains the causes and the effects of these changes , this book is good for anyone who wants to educate themselves on a thorough journey through the intimate body ideals over time

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