Psychological Approach Question

by; Adrianna Martin

Oedipus the king had a "curse" put on him by the Oracle saying he would Murder his father and marry his mother.After these events took place his psychological state was probably not the best.My prediction is that he was traumatized and he would end up committing suicide

The writer in scars claimed to have been the breed of the father he speaks of with many scars . This father figure apparently not only has scars but does not speak very much. I predict he has gone thorough many events that could potentially harm him mentally.

In the Eminem song "Kim" he speaks many times of trying to murder her and brings up a past history of cheating.CLEARLY I do not think he is stable emotionally to handle another relationship of any sort.

Sit down *****
If you move again I'll beat the **** out of you

Don't make me wake this baby
She don't need to see what I'm about to do
Quit crying *****, why do you always make me shout at you?
How could you?
Just leave me and love him out the blue
Oh, what's a matter Kim?
Am I too loud for you?
Too bad *****, your gonna finally hear me out this time
At first, I'm like all right
You want to throw me out? that's fine!
But not for him to take my place, are you out you're mind?
This couch, this T-V, this whole house is mine!
How could you let him sleep in our bed?
Look at Kim
Look at your husband now!

I said look at him!
He ain't so hot now is he?
Little punk!
(Why are you doing this?)
Shut the **** up!
(You're drunk! you're never going to get away at this!)
You think I give a ****!
Come on we're going for a ride *****
Sit up front
(Well I can't just leave 'ey alone, what if she wakes up?)
We'll be right back
Well I will you'll be in the trunk

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