Raymond Dutchamp Villon

by Kennedy Hall

Raymond Villon was born on December 5 1876,Damvile Eure France. Died on October 9 1918 he was 41 in Cannes France. Grew up liveing in Damvile Eure France. Went to Paris France to study medcine by 1898 he became a artist.He studied art whith his brother Jacques he also became a good artist made good art with his brother.He was a family with 6 kids but 4 became artists 3 of the brothers had thier art workkin a gallery in newyork.

Aesop 1906 Terracotta

I think cubism art confusing nice to look at it tacks a reguler thing and turns into a hole new thing.It feels like you need to thinck about the emotion in it and some times you just need to think.

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