(1) What is brand image?

The impression in the consumers mind of a brand total personality ( real and imaginary qualities and shortcomings)

(2) What brand image might businesses want for the following product?

(a) Helmets for builders sites

(b) A club in town centre

(c) A local taxi service

(3) What is after-sales service?

After sales service refers to the service a customer is entitled to after purchasing something from a retail outlet. If the customer is unsatisfied with their purchase for any reason, they may get a refund or replacement, depending on the terms and conditions of purchase. After sales service gives extra customer satisfaction since the customer service does not end with the purchase (or sale) of goods.

(4) two after sales service by garage.

quality car repairs and M.O.T service

(5) Why business might want to develop a brand?

business want to develop a brand because the brand can be very popular and they can lots of money  by the brand.

(6) What is product range of a business?

Product range is a word that refers to the variety of products that are produced by a company. For instance, the manufacturer Land Rover, which is owned Tatar Motors also produces Land Rover Defender, Discovery and Free-lander models, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoke; this form its product range.

(7) two benefits for customers competition

. you can get more customers by competing with other businesses

. you can get more unique products to sell


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