The Fault In Our Stars

By John Green

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."


  • Hazel Grace Lancaster (and her parents)
  • Augustus Waters (and his parents)
  • Isaac
  • Peter Van Houten
  • Kaitlyn
  • Patrick

¨All Of The Stars¨ - Ed Sheeran

My main reason for choosing this song was because it was specifically written for this movie. I also chose it because one of the settings in the book was Amsterdam and in the song he sings "So can you see the stars, over Amsterdam". The song also expresses somebody's (Augustus) love for someone (Hazel) even though he never directly says the word love.

In the novel Augustus puts a cigarette between his teeth. He says that it's a "metaphor", but what does that mean? It means that Augustus will no longer let cancer have the power it used to have over him. He doesn't want to live his life knowing that this thing (what some people might consider "fate") that chopped of his leg will take over his life. By putting the cigarette between his teeth he's letting the world know that he is know in control.


In the story the main setting is Idiana but Hazel and Augustus also travel to Amsterdam to visit the author of Hazels favorite book; Peter Van Houten.


16 and a half year old Hazel Grace Lancaster unwillingly attends a Support Group for cancer patients. Even though she doesn't want to, something amazing happens to her. She catches the eye of Augustus Waters and finds herself going to his house to watch her doppleganger, Natalie Portman, in V for Vandetta. August and Hazel slowly begin to fall in love and using a special wish given to him, Augustus takes Hazel on a trip to Amsterdam to meet the author of her favorite book, Peter Van Houten.


Hazel Grace vs. Mom

Hazel Grace vs. Cancer

Augustus Waters vs. Oblivion

Hazel Grace vs. Support Group

Augustus Waters vs. His leg

Hazel Grace vs. Hazel Grace

Hazel Grace vs. Oxygen tank(Phil)


Throughout the novel, there are many important themes. For example, in the story it says, "Without pain, how could we know joy?". This means that everybody will eventually go through pain; that there is a necessity of suffering if you want to be happy. Another theme would also Augustus's fear of oblivion.


Throughout the book, you obviously know that Hazel has cancer. In the book she goes through a few difficulties with her lungs and oxygen tank and it makes you wonder, what's going to happen? Is she going to die? Did she die? What will happen with her parents?


Text to World: Even though TFIOS is a fictional book, it still represents what some people actually go through like cancer, blindness, death, pain etc. Text to Self: Just like the characters in TFIOS everybody has gone through pain. Whether it was because someone close to you died, physical pain, mental pain whatever kind of pain, many people know what it feels like.

There's A Certain Slant Of Light

Emily Dickson

There's a certain Slant of light, Winter Afternoons

That oppresses, like the Heft Of Cathedral Tunes
Heavenly Hurt, it gives us. We can find no scar, But internal difference. Where the Meanings, are –
None may teach it – Any –'Tis the seal Despair –An imperial affliction

Sent us of the Air –

When it comes, the Landscape listens –Shadows – hold their breath –When it goes, 'tis like the Distance. On the look of Death

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3 years ago

He likes to feel control because he knows what it's like not to have control, and does not want to repeat that. I would read The Price of Dawn.

3 years ago

Who wouldn't read it?!

3 years ago

I would read the Price of Dawn

3 years ago

I think he likes to feel control because he likes to kick all those bad things that took his leg and kick it in the face with ol' Prosty.

3 years ago

Augustus wants to feel like he has control of his life because cancer controlled it for so long.

3 years ago

I probably would read the book

3 years ago

I would read the Price of Dawn. I think that he is in take because he feels powerful once he puts the cigerette.

3 years ago

I think Gus likes to feel in control of his life because now cancer can't do anything to him. I would read the book if I could.

3 years ago

I would read the book.

3 years ago

He likes to feel in control because he wants to have ownership of his life instead of drowning in misery because of something he doesn't have control over. I probably wouldn't read the prince of dawn because I'm not a fan of war books.