You need to practice in school because if you only do it once, you will FAIL, or you got beginner's luck.

Sometimes to read more and remember more, read out loud because it will help to remember more.

If you tie a string around your finger or write notes on your arm it will help you remember what you needed to do.

As you study, organize huge blocks of information in a way that is meaningful to you.

Since you can only remember so much, if you organize a little bit, it will help you remember more.

Organize the blocks into a sequence, like alphabetizing all the letters in the right way.

Memory aids probably lasted since the existence of time! one memory aid is to capture the essence of a lecture.

Doesn't mean copy it word for word, create a summary of its contents.

Note taking alone is not enough to remember.

People who review do better than other that doesn't.

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