Natural Fibers

cotton, wool, flax, and silk

Cotton is a soft, white, downy fiber attached to the seed of a cotton plant. It was grown in the southern U.S. Its strong and durable absorbent, cool to wear, shrinks in hot water, and wrinkles easily. The proper uses is machine wash, tumble dry at moderate temperatures, and press with warm to hot iron. Common uses is are underwear, socks, shirts, jeans, and towels. Wool has a natural insulator, soft, naturally flame, shrinks if machine washed or dried unless chemically treated. The proper use for untreated wool is dry clean or hand wash in cool water, do not place it in the dryer. The common uses are sweaters, tailored suits, coats and even blankets. Flax is durable and strong, lustrous and smooth, comfortable and cool. The proper care is hand wash or dry clean. Silk is the fine, lustrous fiber that comes from a cocoon spun by a silkworm. Its luxurious appearance and feel, strongest of all fibers, expensive, easily has spots it you wash it. The proper care is dry clean or hand wash. Common uses is wedding gowns, and lingerie.

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