pre. american revolution

the american revaluation a war that lasted over a decade that started during the time king George the seconds time of ruling. the american revolution historical event such as; the french and Indian war, the proclamation of 1763, sugar act, stamp act, the Boston massacre, tea act,the Boston tea party,coercive acts, Lexington and concord,and the deceleration of independence.

the french and Indian war  ends

the seven year war know to the Americans as the french and Indian war, ended in 1763 with the signing of the treaty of pairs,signed by France, great Britain, and Spain. the war started 1756, and effected both the colonist and the british.

the proclamation of 1763

in the end of the french and Indian war the British issued a proclamation mainly intended conciliate the Indians by checking the encroachment of settlers on their had become a major cornerstone for native Americans.

the sugar act

April 5th, 1764 British laws were passed by the parliament of grate Britain. the reason they have made the sugar act was to raise revenue from the american colonist in the 13 colony by setting taxes on imports like sugar and molasses . which impacted the manufactured of rum in new England.

the stamp act

the stamp act made for the same reason as the sugar act . to exact revenge on the american colonies. but instead of placing taxes on imported alone they also pt taxes on many official papers like newspapers and legal and commercial documents. which made the colonist repeal even more towards great Britain.

Boston massacre

March 5th, 1770 is the day when a mob of citizen began to taunt and tease British solderer which later lead to violence. the mob soon began to throw snow and ice the a soldier shot the was " heard around the world.'' this event caused john Adams to have to become the lawyer for the soldiers and started his career as a famous lawyer.

The Tea Act

   the tea act was passed by the parliament on may 10, 1773 would triger the final spark of the revolution by making people have to pay a tax for tea and were only allowed to get british tea. which only caused even more rebellion against the british.

the boston tea party

the boston tea party in where a group called the sons of liberty dressed as indians and dumped gallons of tea into the boston a political statement toward the british and their acts.

the intolerable acts is a name given by the patriots for a sees of laws passed by the british parliament to punish the Massachusetts for their acts in the boston tea party. these laws stated that the massachusetts self-government and historical rights would be removed. which out raged the patriots leading to even more resistance and conflict between the colonist and great britain.

lexington and concord

the battle of lexington and concord were the first military engagement of the american revaluation. fought on April 19, 1775 within the towns of lexington, concord, Lincoln, monotony, and cambridge. this battle marked the out break of armed conflict between britain and the thirteen colonies.

the second continental congress meets georgia's representatives to the meeting

Georgia's representative were in the second continental congress, a convection of delegates of the thirteen colonies that started meeting in 1774. they discussed what the british were doing and what they should do as well which later led them to the making of the declaration of independence

the declaration of independence

a documented adopted by the continental congress on july 4, 1776. which announced that the thirteen colonies that great britain were at war with would become independent colonies and not with Britain.  

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