The Telephone-1876

By: Emily Brandeberry

The telephone had been created by Alexander Graham Bell.

"Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you." had been the first words ever spoken into a telephone. On March 10, 1876 had been a glorious day for Alexander Graham Bell while speaking with Thomas Watson, who had been on the other line. This invention is important because we would not be able to speak to people who are far distances, but still be writing letters to someone who is a room away from us. If we didn't have the telephone, we wouldn't be able to call the police, doctors, hospitals if an emergency had happened, or not being able to call in orders instead of driving to the place you needed to go and waiting for a long time. Telephones were for making communication with others easier than taking the time to find paper, pen or pencil and having the time to write a letter.

The Lightbulb-1879

This invention was created by Thomas Alva Edison.

Thomas Edison had created the light bulb that helped the world be able to see light. On December, 31 1879 Thomas Edison had made a public appearance of showing people how the light bulb worked, he had said, "We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles". This invention is important to our world is it helps us able to see in rooms, or places, so we aren't walking around in darkness. This invention is better than candles, and lamps because all we have to do is flip on a switch and the room is lit with light. Instead of of swiping a match and not having very much light at all.

The Typewriter-1860's

Christopher Latham Sholes had created the typewriter.

People have heard that Henry Mill had created the first typewriter, but that isn't true. Christopher Latham Sholes had been the first man to successfully create the typing typewriter. This invention is important because it helped people back in the day, and still now to copy things much faster than writing things over by hand. Not only does this save time, but its easier to create more copies of things instead taking one whole day to write out 10 newspapers. The typewriter had became a main tool for women to use, more companies had been using typewriters, and had sped up our life because it had saved so much time. The time period that Sholes had invented this had been late July 1867 to early fall.

The Motion picture-1895

The Motion picture had been invented by Louis and Auguste Lumiére.

On the day of December 28, 1895 had been the Lumiére brothers first showing to an audience of the motion picture. During this showing had been 10 clips that had lasted at least 50 seconds long. The motion picture is important because if it wasn't for this invention we wouldn't have our television, movies, shows like we do today. Without the motion picture, we wouldn't have our computers to use at school work or at home, we would be without smart boards or the apple tv, so how would we be able to have class? Of course we could use the black board, but the with the television or motion picture would be faster.

The phonograph-1877

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in the year of 1877.

The phonograph had been the first device to make or record sound. Many inventors tried to make a recording, but could not display the sound that had been recorded. After Thomas Edison's invention many people included Alexander Graham Bell had improved it, but his name is not the name of the founder of the phonograph. The importance of this invention because it was the first resource to all of our audio devices today. Why this device is so important is because of course, it led to our music, it had recorded messages for families of dying loved ones with their last words, and been a doll or toy for children, and clocks that can announce the time. If it wasn't for Edison's invention, we wouldn't have the music at our parties, or being able to record ourself or another person.

The dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochrane had been the inventor of the dishwasher in the year of 1886

Without Josephine Cochrane not wanted to break her china glass wear we wouldn't have this great machine. This unique contraption had been to relieve mothers and children from washing every single dish by hand. Although when Cochrane had brought the idea to show to people how it worked, not many housewives had been able to use it until the time period of 1950's and so on. What this invention had done to be so important, is that instead of taking away time for people to hand wash each and every dish, it cleans them for you. It gives you the option of doing dishes later andand they are done piling up in the sink so they are out of sight

Periodic Table of Elements-1865

The periodic table of invention was invented by Dmitri Mendeleev.

The importance of the periodic table of elements is to know what kind of element is which. This is used for students in science or chemistry, instead of memorizing every single element we can just look at the table and see what we needed to know. This invention gives you information about each element's balance. Scientists had used this invention to figure out things, which is very useful for them. And if a student didn't know about a property they can just look on the periodic table.


The seismograph had been invented by John Milne.

Why John Milne's invention is so important is we wouldn't be able to track any weather. This invention saves our lives every time a bad storm comes. The device monitors movement of the ground any time there might be an earthquake. There are many different types of seismographs but they all do the same thing. Without this invention weathermen, scientists can't get the information out to make sure people with be safe and okay.

Gasoline Engine-1875

The gasoline engine was made by Nicolaus

What the importance of Nicolaus Otto's invention was how we get around today. The gasoline engine may be bad for the inviorment, but this is what we use to travel in cars, and planes, and most transportation. Without it, we wouldn't be able to travel close or even far places. Instead we could use bikes or walk but we like to go in cars because it saves time. Even though walking and riding bikes would make make people more fit, but its easier to get into the car and drive with gasoline instead.


The Kodak camera gad been made by George Eastm

The importance of the Kodak camera is that it helped people in the old days that weren't trained to take pictures, allowing them to be able too. Today everyone uses cameras to take pictures, and even have cameras on our cell phones. This had been cheaply made making it very important camera. The Kodak camera traps memories so we won't forget them. George Eastman's invention had gave birth to the first snapshot.

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