TAckk project


This is my wordle which states my character traits such as: helpful,creative,caring,honest,responsible,friendly,strobe ect.

IMAGE-The image I present to society is that anything is possible, when you put your mind to it. I show this by improving on everything once I try at it. Also it's not hard to achieve greatness you just have to do to the best of your ability. Some people think they can't do this because they haven't tried yet.so once you try you will succeed at it and eventually. So that's what I do, I try as hard as I can at everything I do e.g-sports,school ect.

SOCIETY-I see my self as a hard working, tall strong,young man who will take any chances I get about anything, I work hard at sports,school and even at home. I also see my self as a hard working athlete and a good person to be around. If I could wake up one morning and change how I act or what I do, I wouldn't change anything about who I am.

SEE ME AS...-I would like people to see me as an athletic football player. Also funny,smart and a good student. We'll I hope most of the teachers in our school think I'm a good student most of the time. The legacy I am going to leave at Allan drive is that I always did my best at everything that I had given to me, and change my gym clothes every class for gym. And I just don't give up on something just cause I can't do it. I keep trying until i finish. That's how I would like to be seen at Allan drive and high school (Humber view) .

DIGITAL FOOTPRINT-On I.g (Instagram) I have pictures of me working hard at sports and being nice to people on pictures. Also I don't look at a picture and start putting bad things on it. Also I like to post a lot of sport pictures , and pictures with friends. Also some family pictures. This is how I would represent my digital footprint.

This is my image because it's football which is something I really like and that I do a lot.Also it really describes who I am and what I like to do, and I thought this picture would be good to put in my tackk.

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