Robert Thirsk High School
Calgary, AB

What Stuck With Us...

  • Solar heat is more effective than solar power.
  • Heat makes steam, steam spins the turbine, turbine makes electricity!
  • Whether it's oil, coal, natural gas or hydro, they all use the same principle.
  • Oil isn't evil!
  • Germany is the leader in solar energy, far ahead of Alberta and Canada, however, they have less solar energy available compared to Canada, so why aren't we using this abundant resource?
  • Diversification! The transition needs to happen, not to stop using oil and gas but to figure out ways to balance the industries!


We have multiple short and long term goals. After discussion, we came up with some concrete, attainable goals!

Take some of our school off the grid and pay some energy out to the grid.

Make waves about Ingenium and get more people involved.

  1. Educate our feeder schools about our club, message, opportunities and further, about the environment!  
  • Include workable diagrams, fun presentations and ways to keep young blood interested in solar energy!

       2. Focus times, once a week, to work on projects and keep up to date with the group             and get more people involved.

       3. Work on USB window chargers to get our name out and get people excited about             our group and our activities. Buy, test, implement.

  • Test them ourselves at home, get teacher sponsors to keep a couple in sunny classrooms with advertising about Ingenium.
  • Get students talking about and using solar power and possibly selling (and profiting from) the solar phone chargers.  

       4. Make an educational video for students at school, and to put on our tackk.                        Possibly become a part of grade 11 focus theatre presentations or the pep rally.

Your Team

Rhea Dufault, Martin Zatka, Will Shymka, Hayley Newman with guidance and inspiration from Warren Lake and Jennifer Smith!


March 12 - 15, 2015: Gener8 plants the seeds for solar projects at RTHS


We want to create more talk about Ingenium and more importantly, a bigger team to meet our goals. Here will be a video about Ingenium to showcase our goals, projects and the  opportunities that come with involvement.


Solar - Contact SkyFire for installation and information on products

Wind - Contact Bullfrog to touch base with a Calgary company


Who do you need to support your project?

School - administration, staff, students, clubs

Community - local business, media, etc.


City of Calgary Funding, Government of Alberta, Transalta, Enmax, Epcor, Atco


As of right now, our group is very small, and of course that makes it hard to complete goals in a timely manner as  half of us are in grade 12, working hard, graduating and leaving. So an obstacle for Ingenium is size and involvement, and in the future, we need to create a bigger group in order to delegate tasks and complete our long term goals!


As a generate ambassador, you will bring your experience to hundreds, maybe thousands of other students. How are you going to show leadership in your school?

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