Though we follow the road, none of us know where it may lead...

February brings back memories of the loss of friendship, faith, and love, in the form of the deaths of two important people who died to young. No matter the reason, or cause ... it's hard not to think about how it was too soon. Now that time has passed and the hurt isn't so fresh, I can finally verbalize the strength and renew that these tragedy's brought to my life.

While dealings in death are never pleasant, I found myself desperately needing to find and cling to some bright spot in the seemingly never ending dark. In the end there were a few glimmering sparks that I glommed onto like lifelines and now over the years, have begun to develop into shining beacons of hope for the life that lies ahead of me.

Through the loss of an inspirational person, I believe I saw the first flickering rays of a desire to conquer life in the eyes of another dear friend who was stuck in the gloominess that life sometimes settles upon us.

I found in myself, a desire to keep continually striving to be the strong driven person that my deceased friend had seen me as. Too banish the fear of the unknown and to keep pushing myself outside of my self-confined limitations.

Most importantly, these were two very important reminders to me that life is short. It's too short to not live fully and vibrantly. To hold back and not live your life to the best of your abilities, is to die an early death, to waste a life that others may be desperately yearning for.

They were reminders to reach out to others in need, and especially to those who may appear to not need it, for those are the ones who need it most. To be a good friend to others, either as a motivator, as a guide, or simply as a silent partner.

Although it sounds cliche .... never forget to live each day to the fullest. Make the most of each moment, and never stop looking for the little things that brighten the day. If you aren't happy living the life you have, don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and create the life you have always imagined.