A Doctor

Myrita Winters


  A doctor is someone who revives someones health through medicine. They diagnose, then heal and treat people who are ill. Imagine knowing someone is healed and healthy because of you. There are many different types of doctors, like a foot doctor or an eye doctor. This job will honestly let you see the difference you make in the world. And if you love having the power to heal people, you will never work a day in your life.

Required Skills:

There are several universal skills you will need to be a doctor. Scientific skills, communication skills, and patient care skills. You will need all of these skills to be able to ask what is wrong with you're patient, know what is required to treat them, and know how to take care of the patient.

Educational Requirements:

After getting a bachelor's degree, it takes a minimal of four years of medical schooling. Upon graduation, the doctor may spend 3-8 years interning and in residency choosing his or her specialty.


Depending on what kind of doctor you are, it will determine your salary. Pediatricians earn about $156,00 annually while radiologists and orthopedic surgeons earn about $315,000 annually. Cardiologists make $314,000 and anesthesiologists make $309,000.

Future Outlook:

A person wanting this job will haft to endure a lot of school. You are always learning something new in this kind of work field. There are many jobs having to do in the medical field, because there are many different types of doctors. This job does require a lot of time. Mostly all of your life you will be learning new ways to heal people and new medicines. You could die from this job, because you are working with people who are sickly.


You can honestly see the difference you are making on people, on the world. People can feel better about themselves because they heal people, find cures for sicknesses, an just know that the people they cure are happy and healthy because of them.

Similar Careers:

There are several careers that are similar to being a doctor. Veterinarian is a doctor for animals and it is the most similar. Also a cosmetologist is similar because the people that are cosmetologist  make people feel better about themselves through looks rather than health.

Why I Picked this Career:

I felt like God told me this is what I needed to do. I want to heal people through God and medicine. I believe I would be good at this work field because I get along with people and I like working with them. I just really want to make a difference in the world.

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