Tips for Runners-

Self help videos to help maximise your training and avoiding common Injuries

The pictures on this page will link to the videos, hover over the image to see the links. The first is the introduction and then we have a series of 4 videos on mobility, 4 videos on stability and then 2 on running type activities. It is important that you work through these videos and find out for yourself what parts you need to work on.


The purpose behind the series of videos on this page are to introduce techniques and exercises to help you physically with the demands of running. Whether you have just taken up running or if you have been running ever since you can remember. These videos  offer tips and techniques will help you train more and be in better shape to cope with your training and avoid the common injuries that often interfere with running.

Stay Flexible

Having a full and easy range of movement is essential for successful running. When training for any event especially one that is unfamiliar your muscles can become tight and sometimes this is a precursor to injury. Muscle tightness can be a problem that can interfere with your training and at worst cause an injury. Maintain your flexibility by taking part in regular stretching activities. The Following section will focus on gaining and maintaining flexibility.


The first series of videos is on mobility. It focuses on  the areas that we commonly see that are tight and prevent proper movement in runners.

Add Some Strength

Distance running is an endurance sport, but it also requires the runner to be physically well rounded and resilient. Strength training is a good way to gain these attribute and a key part of running for longer. The key is to a good balance of strength and stability so that you can maintain a good running posture from the start to the end of your run. Some useful information can be found here


The next section has the links on this that will allow you to gain some control a stability around your trunk and hips. These exercise are designed to improve your core stability and improve your running posture.

Vary your training

Putting some variety in your training is important for two main reasons. Firstly it will keep your training interesting and helps stop you becoming bored with the same exercise over and over again. Secondly it can delay or prevent a plateau in your performance. Varying your training will add new challenges to the body and drive your improvements forward. You can vary many different aspects of your training including the speed, distance or the type of exercise that you do. You can simply do this by incorporating some hills into your route, or add some changes in pace so that you run for short periods. For a strength programme you can simply change the order of the exercises.

Warm and Cool down

Two important parts or your preparation, not just for the race but also for your training. The warm up is to get you ready for what you are about to do. The idea is to bring your body temperature and heart rate up by gradually increasing the intensity of the exercise. Generally it starts with gentle walking or jogging, before stretching and then doing some more intense work. It takes your body about 20 minutes to get all the systems prepared and primed to produce all the energy needed for the extra exertion when you run. Stretches can also be used here to make sure that you have enough free and easy movement for you run. It will also help to loosen off any areas of stiffness and help the circulation through your muscles.

At the end of the run it is important to bring the body back down from its exertion to a resting state. This can be achieved by gentle jogging or walking, stretching and hydrating. This is the cool down or warm down. The idea is not to bring the temperature down but to ensure that you keep active and loose to help clear all the metabolites or waste products that can build up in your muscles during your run. Gentle jogging and stretching can help keep the circulation through the muscles helping you recover quicker and to be ready for your next event.