The Daughters

by: Joanna Philbin R.L 4.7 pts.10

Lizzie was an only dauughter of a supermodel called Katia. And her mom was really famous and pretty but Lizzie looked nothing like her mom and when people asked her who her mom was she would say Katia, but they would stare at her like she was insane because it was impossible that Lizzie was Katia's daughter. Because lizzie hair color was kind of like red and brown and her moms wasnt. Even when the paparazzi went after Katia and Lizzie they would only want to take pictures of Katia and since Lizzie didnt like taking pictures she would just wait for her mom, but her mom was always call over Lizzie and would beg her to take a picture so Lizzie would do as her mom said because she didnt want to hurt her mom's feelings

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