The Battle of the Bulge

December 16th, 1944-January 25th, 1945

"During our combat period, we were strafed by planes and attacked by the German 88's. We did not remain in a position for more than one or two days, as there was a great need for our guns. During the snow storms, their prime mower wasn't winterized for snow and were forced to pull their vehicles up hills by tying them around trees." -Joseph "Jack" Jagodinski

Over 80,000 Allied troops were killed, wounded or captured.

Over 100,000 German troops were killed, wounded or captured.

American soldiers kept fighting through the below-zero temperatures against the Germans. This victory became a symbol of American strength and determination. December 26th, 1944 Lieutenant General George S. Patterson arrived to provide relief for the American force. This was a huge turning point in the battle and the bulge had been taken back.

"During the Battle of the Bulge, in December we were so close to the fighting the patients had to be evacuated. They were just about to evacuate us nurses when the Germans retreated, and we stayed. The casualties came in so fast, nurses had to start blood transfusions, which only doctors had done before." -Viola Malloy

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