Delete Cyberbullying

What can you do to prevent cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a huge problem that can happen to anyone at home or in school. What can we do to prevent this and be part of the solution? First we will need to do a little research. This project will be broken up into two parts.

Part A.

You and a partner will research the following questions:

What is cyberbullying and why do people do it?

What kind of harm do victims of cyberbullying suffer?

How can someone avoid being a victim of cyberbullying?

If someone has been a victim of cyberbullying, what should he or she do?

Your responses should be recorded on one of the following programs

-Glogster, Google Slides, Smore, or Wix

Part B

After you complete part A, you and your partner will create a sign that will inform others about cyberbullying. The layout should be eye-catching, the text should be large enough to read and should communicate a concise message. Do not fill your poster up with an overwhelming amount of information. Choose one concept and make it really stand out.

These posters will be hung around the school for all students to see.

Scroll below for ideas and resources.

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