My #Springbreak #Kettner
#Tech41 Grace S

My springbreak was fun but the last couple days were really boring. i slept a lot throughout the break. I went to Missoula, Montana and Tonasket, Washington. I also went to Republic just for fun. We didn't do anything up there we just drove around. Most car rides are fun if you have room to sleep.  I went to Missoula for three days and hung out in the hotel a lot. Missoula is just like Spokane just more spread out. We went and watched Insurgent in the movie theatre there. I think to was better than Divergent.  Other than that we just stayed home and watched a lot of movies.

On the way home from Tonasket and Republic we drove through the moutains where there was a huge wildfire. The trees were all burned down or cut down. We went across the Columbia River on a ferry. It was really windy but it was fun because the people around us didn't listen to the instructions. The guy that helps us board and fit all the cars on was telling them to go one way but they didn't listen. Teigan slept in the car a lot.

In Missoula Teigan and I were bored to we played games by taking as many pictures of people as we could without getting caught. We ate at Red Robins, Applebees and Mckenzie River Pizza.

Our grandma had a graduation party at the fox theatre for medical billing and coding. She graduated from Carrington College. We sat there for 2 hours waiting for everyone to graduate. It was really boring but she was happy so it was okay. After she graduated we went to Red Robin to eat and celebrate and hang out with family.

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