Manawatu Gorge Walk Trip

On the 19th of November our class took a road trip to the Manawatu Gorge. We walked to the top and drove back down. Only 26 people cam but we had 8 parents including Mr Stove and his friend Mrs. Holdaway.

The Trip

The class went in car groups that we got to choose. these are the parents and their child.

Cris/ Ines

Lottie/ Mikayla





Mr Stove/Mrs Holdaway

Most of the car groups stopped at McDonald's and got ice-creams but some of the cars didn't. We had lollies and chips in our car and got eaten almost straight away.

The Track

The track we walked on was very steep at the start and during it was very steep to walk down and up. It was mainly dirt but there was bridges and other things. Some of the track was made up of fallen bush that we walked over.

Nikau Palms

During the walk we came across allot signs that had lots of information about the native trees and bushes in the gorge. The main sign we all stopped and looked at was the sign about the Nikau palms. They looked allot like palm trees but were like the New Zealand version.

The Slip

On the trip we stopped on the way to walk down a mountain of stairs and look over the rail to the road. On the side where bush and rock should be there is a bare patch were mountains of rock and earth had fallen and blocked the road for over a year.


Towards the end of the walk we took a route that led us to a very close lookout to the wind farm in Palmerston. It was loud and we could hear them before we could see them. There were cows in the field and a gross toilet but the Windmills were awesome.

The Finnish

At the end we waited for some people to go to the toilet and for the others to Finnish. On the way back we stopped at McDonald's and got ice-creams. We got back to school at around 5 o'clock.


Overall the trip was very fun and I don't regret anything, which is good. My favorite part was seeing the windmills and I liked stopping at Maccas. My least favorite part was walking up the slope after seeing the slip, it was really hard! But it was lots of fun and I would definitely do it again!

Thanks For Watching!

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3 years ago

Really cool Ines, there are a few spelling mistakes though