~Rocket Science~

Sessions 1-7

Session 1-

In session one I learned about the history of rockets. Like who made the first liquid fueled rocket? Dr. Robert H. Goddard. We learned about the different types of rockets also.

Session 2-

In session 2 I started designing the shape of the fin that will be on my completed rocket. I started learning about the progress of rockets over time. And I learned the categories of the rockets to.

Session 3-

In session 3 I started cutting out and designing the fins of my rocket. I enjoyed this because  I got to pick the design of my fins so my rocket will be colorful and bright. I started learning about importance of fins and how they are needed to keep the rocket stable and straight.

Session 4-

In session 4 we learned how to properly attach the fins to the rocket to create a stable flight. We glued the pieces together getting closer to the finished project. We learned about the different flight and rocket positions.

Session 5-

In session 5 I learned about total impulse and practiced using newtons second law of motion. I glued my fins onto my rocket, getting even closer to the finished project!

Session 6-

We applied the transition cone to the rocket. This caused it to be more areodynamic and fly through the air with stability. After learning about areodynamics, we, learned about the effects of rocket ballast.

Session 7-

In session 7 I finished up the final touches on my rocket( adding the nose cone and end piece.) I took the post test and learned about what apogee is and how important it it in rocket testing.

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