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Stop the bang_bang
            honorine. Zoffoun
Dear Reader,
Chicago is one of the most amazing places in our country.  Although it has its bumps and ridges I believe that Chicago is a place that is not only amazing but can be created into a place that is awesome and mind blowing. Chicago Illinois is also my home and the place where I live with my family and friends.  One of its bumps is violence. I believe that Chicago violence is ridiculous and something needs to be done. Although certain actions have been taken, not everyone has done something. So, I believe that if everyone pitches in the amount of violence will decrease. We can all pitch in by helping those kids on the streets feel like they are loved and that someone cares for them. Also, more after school activities need to be done and more family therapy so that these families can stay together and kids stay off the streets.                   

Jacqueline Steves is a fun entertaining woman who lives in Chicago IL and also teaches at Josephinum Academy.
hz-how has your day been?
js- lovely and exceptional, Wednesday is one of my favorite days and the weather is nice, so yeah today has been ok.
hz-what inspired you to become a teacher?
js- at first I thought I wanted to be a lawyer but after some volunteer experience I realized that I didn't want to be sitting in an office all day and that I preferred walking around teaching kids.
hz- why is teaching your passion?
js-I believe that teaching gives you the opportunity to make a difference in peoples' lives.
hz- what do you like most about teaching at the Jo?
js- it gives me a chance to connect with the girls and since I am a woman as well it is fun.
hz- you teach seniors and juniors right?
js- yes!!
Hz- what is that like?
js-well my seniors and juniors are mostly ready to learn and since they are older they tend to be more mature and they bring many interesting things to the table
hz-what is your best memory as a teacher?
js- in the fall I was nervous about teaching , but things ended up working out perfectly.
hz- will we see you next year?
js- YES!!

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Pork Chops is a restaurant where steaks and all sorts of meat are cooked and sold. To top it off they are swallowed down with some whine or drinks of your choice. So come to Pork Chops and enjoy.

Honorine says:


Teenagers tend to find it a habit to hide their pain. They keep their feelings inside and smile to make everyone think they are okay when deep down inside they aren't .

Teenagers also cut, they cut to ease the pain they feel, they cut to make things easier, they cut to stop the tears that seems like it won't stop falling. They don't understand the fact that they will go through things in life period they will suffer until god opens his mouth and says it's time for the suffering to stop. You will cry until someone comes in and makes you smile,  until the burden is lifted off your shoulders.

They don't seem to understand that someone else goes through worse every day and just as you're crying now so is someone else out there.

I know a 15 year old girl whose family's friend raped her and then died, she lives with that pain forever, she has no idea how to handle it yet she is still here. You need patience. Life can either get worse or better, it depends on what you make it. Take one step at a time because you have a whole life ahead of you.


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