the republic of panama

The Capital of Panama is Panama City , It is also the largest city in The Republic of Panama. It has a population of 880,691. It is located in the pacific entrance of the panama canal.The official language of Panama is Spanish, English is spoken by 14% of the population in Panama. It is the southern most country in North America.The population of The Republic of Panama is 3.864 million as of 2013, the life expectancy is 77.3 years.

Independence in Panama is much different than here in the United States , in panama they declared freedom from spain. In the United states we declared independence from Britain. When Panama first declared independence they thought about creating a union with peru or in Central america in federation that were emerging in the region. they finally declared their Independence in 1802 and joined the southern federation, from there on panama has grown and become what it is today a country of beauty and transportation of boats.

Panama's highest peak is also a volcano. Topping out around 11,400 feet, the Baru Volcano, is dormant. No major eruptions have occurred in more than 1,000 years, but regular seismic activity inside the mountain has caused geologists to hesitate in calling it extinct.

The 1st major city is Panama city , the 2nd is San Migueito , and the 3rd major city is Tocumen.

the top 3 major bodies of water in panama consist of the bay of panama , The gulf of panama, and the bay of san miguel.

Climate in Panama

Panama is tropical, but temperatures vary according to location and altitude. The annual average temperature on both coasts is 29° C (84° F ), and it ranges from 10° to 19° C (50 to 66° F ) at various mountain elevations. There is little seasonal change in temperature, with warm days and cool nights throughout the year


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