2015 CMS Toolbox Retreat!

9:00  -Welcome & Introductions: Mrs. Waugh

9:05 -Engagement Strategy (Padlet): Mrs. Smith

      1. #CMSTOOLBOX  2. Padlet  3. MOONSHOOT Thinking (Octogon)

Using Tackk to catch others eye! Draw others in! Embed a webpage! Add pictures! Blog! Organize everything!

As you watch this video, list on a sticky note any barriers you might have?

Community Building
Mrs. Hinman

Carousel Graffiti: Mrs. Waugh

What are your barriers to continuous learning?

What student engagement strategies do you use?

What procedures do you use to make sure your classroom runs smoothly?



Mrs. Connell - Inclusion: Ted Ed

Dan  Habib

Engage=use stickies for questions, barriers, or ideas?
Immerse=problem seekers

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