Borderlands 2 Gltiches

By Brett Boydston

Borderlands 2 and the awesome glitches that are not only fun to use but can make the game more interesting.  They can help you accomplish more in the game in a shorter period of time.  Plus you can mod your character to your liking.  The more mods you use the more of the glitches will work.

The Health Glitch

You would need these items to create the health glitch.  First you need blood of the Serphas which is from Burro (which is a person that created the glitch).  Then you need the Hoplite which you can find playing the game.  Once you have the Hoplite and the blood you need to equip them and you go into the menu on the far right and click on the "bada**" rank button.  You continue pushing the rank button over and over. That is how you gain unlimited health.

The Ammo Glitch

you would need these items to create the ammo glitch. first you need a valdof rocket launcher. you need to go in to your weapons menu and place the valdof rocket launcher in the top slot and whatever gun you like on the bottom making sure there are no weapons to the right or the left of the menu. then you shoot it 2 or 3 times. with the rocket launcher you need to swap with the bottom weapon you chose several times. doing that will increase the ammo for the bottom weapon and for all.

the speed glitch

you will need these items to create the ammo glitch. first you need to be axton as your main character with the interprize skill and cannot be the host. next you need to have a full inventory and ask your friends to drop a weapon.   You leave the dropped weapon on the ground and point at it through your scope.  Then you swap it with your gun and you do this several times

The Inventory Glitch

For this glitch you have to be the host with the master copy.  You sell the master copy over and over which creates infinite inventory slots in your bags.  To get a master copy you have to mod the game to get it.


valdof: it is a weapon

seraphs: it is a boss

accomplish: accomplishments