Rube Goldberg Machine
20% project

Rube Goldberg

This is what my project is about

choosing My Project

What did I choose?     Rube Goldberg Machine

Why did I choose this?   When we did it in class I really enjoyed it.  I like figuring things out and solving problems.  

What do I want to learn?     I want to learn more about how to assemble things and figure them out.  

Could I see myself doing this as a career?     I want to be an engineer when i grow up so maybe.  

Intro to the Project (Planning)

What are we going to do?    We are going to talk about what supplies we need, and plan what design were going to do.  

Further Introduction Research

What did I do to further investigate my project?    We looked up videos and ideas for our machine and then drew them out.  


My team went to the zoo.  I thought of some more ideas we could do.  

Drawing and Brainstorming

We brainstormed and looked at videos and continued working on our drawing.  

Listing Objects and Building 1st Stage

My group and I listed the objects that we needed and started to build the first stage.

Stage 1

what am I Finding OUt

We are figuring out how to improve our first stage.  We are finding out how to fix anything that's not working.

Building Stage 2

We are done building stage 1, and now we are building stage 2.

Stage 2

Technical Parts of my Project

We have our first and second stages done.  We still need to finish our third and fourth stage.

tech Stuff, Part 2

Today, we are going to figure out how the second stage will work correctly.

Step 1: Try different spots where the book goes

Step 2: Once we figure out where the book goes, mark where it goes so we know for future reference

Step 3: Mark with tape where everything goes so we don't have to waste time figuring it out every day

i was on Vacation from 5/20/15-5/27/15

My group was working on the project while I was gone.  They have told me about what happened while I was gone, and what they did to the machine.  

Not Done Yet, Next Step?

Our next step is to finish our machine and connect with another group.

Next Step: Get Stages 3 & 4 to Work

We need to get stages 3 and 4 to work.  We are going to try different ways to get it to work.

Fixing Stages

We still need stages 3 & 4 to work.  Our solution is to try a softball, because it's heavier.

finishing Building

Our project did not work.  But the last time we went through it it did work.  Sadly, we did not get it on video.  We do have video of it when it almost worked.  

It didn't work how we wanted it too.  But I thought it was pretty successful.  


Our project turned out pretty good as I said in the last entry.  

I would like to do this again sometime.  I really enjoyed it.  It was really fun.

I don't regret picking this project.  I liked doing it with a group.  

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2 years ago

Great work! I'm excited to see the finished result!

2 years ago

Thanks! Me too!