Rube Goldberg

choosing project entry I

For my project I chose Rube Goldberg

I chose this because it sounded interesting

I would like to learn force of motion

yes I looked at three videos today to get a idea of what to do for my project

intro for research

today I looked at three videos to get a idea of what to do. I got some ideas but will watch other videos for more help.

entry #3

entry #4 and #5

entry #6 and #7

The special technical terms we would need to know is angle trajectory and wind speed. With all these re rube goldberg would be the most boring one ever.

Entry #8

The first big problem we had was trying to get something that would slide down the rope as our first stage. The second was getting or second stage to work.

The second was the part we are on now which is trying to get the chest to stay up .

entry #9

We have a fan blowing down a airplane and that hits a ball which uses gravity and falls in to a cup that is it so far.


entry #11

thinking of new ideas

Me and my partner Dillon thought of new way for or rube Goldberg to work. This way is using a sting and a balloon.

entry #12

getting it to work

In this stage me and dil tried to get our stage three to work after a half hour we got it. But still has some cracks that need to be worked on.

entry #13

entry #14-15

now that me and my partner are almost done we are thinking of ways to make are project connect with another group like grace and ally. we are also trying to think of ways to make are project move faster and more efficient.

entry #16

today i am going to try and finish my project and i did not have enogh time i am also trying to fix stage 3-4.

Entry #17

No are Rube Goldberg did not work it took too long to setup. The other big problem was the third and fourth stage with the string being too big and the straw being too small.  

Entry #18

Now that my rube Goldberg  is finished I would wish to make a few minor changes to the design like stage 3 and 4 or are ending. All in all i am happy with the desighn of my machine

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