Australian Voice

Australian Stereotypes and Voices

A stereotype is a widely held idea of something. Two Australian stereotypes are "G'day mate" and that all Australians have a BBQ. These are not very accurate as some Australians don't say "g'day" or "mate" and not all Australians have a BBQ.

Stereotypes can be damaging to a person or a group because it makes people assume that all persons tied to that group that is being stereotyped are the same.

Three different Australian accents are the Broad Australian Accent, the General Australian Accent, and the Cultivated Australian Accent. I feel I have the General Australian Accent because it is the accent that 80% of our population have. This reveals only that I grew up somewhere in middle-class Australia.

Australian Identity

Who are we?

Australian culture can be described as fairly laid back and giving everyone a fair go. Australian culture hasn't really changed much in the past 5 years, we still love our sport and are laid back. The media and people around me give me these ideas of Australian culture.

Challenging Australian Identity

Who are we... really?

Australian Experience

I have chosen the perspective of Kokulan, a Sri Lankan refugee who was facing court over 'riots' at the Christmas Island detention center. I chose this perspective because it shows how refugees are being treated in some of these detention centers.

'We are refugees' is a poem written by Kokulan while in the Christmas Island detention center.

What does this perspective say about Australian life and identity?

How does this perspective compare with your own about Australia?

What is the most interesting thing that you have learnt so far about Australian experiences? If you haven’t learnt anything, why do you feel this way?

What can this Australian experience offer to our society (our own world)?

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2 years ago

A good start. It would be nice for you to go a little further and explore your own perceptions of Australian culture and how you feel about it.