Rubio Cancer Center’s Facility Creates a Positive Environment

Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Rubio Cancer Center helps heal patients through the combination of herbal therapies, customized immunotherapy, low-dose chemotherapy, and a cancer diet. Rubio Cancer Center treats each patient gently and maintains a positive environment that reinforces psychoneuroimmunology that fosters a positive mindset as patients heal.

The facility offers a pool and patio area for patients to enjoy the sunshine. The facility’s community room also serves as a great place for relaxing. The upstairs community room has a fish tank for patients to enjoy and often plays movies. The dining room staff is committed to providing patients with healthy meals, served buffet style, three times a day. The staff also prepares fresh vegetable and fruit juices daily.

Further supporting the quality care of its patients, Rubio Cancer Center ensures all patients get their own private room. Each room is equipped with a private phone line, call button, and air purifier, along with a private bath and storage area. Patients also get a window and desk or recliner chair in their room, further helping their stay to be comfortable and positive.

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