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Challenger Mission

Challenger lift off, January 28, 1986

   The tenth mission for Challenger, STS-51-L was scheduled to deploy the second in a series of Tracking and Data Relay Satellites, carry out the first flight of the Shuttle-Pointed Tool for Astronomy (SPARTAN-203), Halley's Comet Experiment Deployable in order to observe Halley's Comet.

   Some of the important people on the challenger were Sharon Christa McAuliffe; payload specialist Gregory Jarvis; and astronauts Judith A. Resnik, mission specialist; Francis R. (Dick) Scobee, mission commander; Ronald E. McNair, mission specialist; Mike J. Smith, pilot; and Ellison S. Onizuka, mission specialist. These people were on the mission when it exploded.

The Challenger was launched on January 28 1986. But, only 72 seconds after lift off it exploded.

This a huge tragedy and with most of the United States watching, everyone was extremely devastated, especially since Christa McAuliffe, a teacher, died along with the rest of the crew.

Sharon Christa McAuliffe was an American teacher from Concord, New Hampshire, and was one of the seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion.She was also a teacher, and her high school students were watching the news while the shuttle launched. She was planning to video tape herself to teach her students a lesson in space. She was a huge deal because she was the first teacher in space. This was really traumatizing for her students since the shuttle exploded.The loss of Challenger does not overshadow her legacy in NASA's storied history.

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