The second amendment(right to bear arms)

I personally think people should have the right to bear arms and not have to go through a certain process to own a gun.

The NRA is against gun control. The NRA wants everyone to have the ability to acquire a gun to protect themselves and their families. Many times the NRA has fought against people that dont want guns in the U.S. at all. The NRA feels if guns werent accessiable to their citizens then how can they stop intruders and criminals. The NRA has the constitution its side. The NRA says if people know how to use guns properly then no one will get hurt. People kill people not guns.

The national gun control Inc. is for gun control. They only want qualified professsionals to posses guns such as police officers and the military. They feel as though citizens should not own guns because it is a killing item. They say guns kill people.

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