Ruel Morton

Ruel Morton Provides Assistance to Children in Need

About Ruel Morton

Since 2004, Ruel Morton has served as the owner of Anover, Inc. Over the course of his career in the direct sales industry, Ruel Morton and his teams have generated $200 million to $300 million in annual revenue. Previously, he and his wife, Angel, were the global top sellers at Excel Communication.

At present, he and his wife also leverage their background in direct sales to Hidden Hunger Global (HHG). As the founders of the organization, Ruel Morton and his wife provide fresh water and essential nutrients to at-risk children from areas that are underserved.

In 2014, Morton and his wife founded HHG for the purpose of saving children in need through the sale of various child-saving products. The organization’s recent charitable efforts include a donation of 8,300 mosquito nets to Hunger Relief International to protect children in Haiti and 360,000 micronutrient sachets to Matanya’s Hope for children in Kenya.

During his free time, he is an avid outdoorsman and skydiver who has performed more than 500 jumps.