How to prevent drunk driving

Drunk driving is the cause of many road accidents and it usually happens after a night out, but there is many ways drunk driving can be avoid. First thing you can do before you leave to go out is too know if you are planning on drinking that night. If you are planning on drinking don’t take risks and leave your car at home, ask one of you friends to drive you over or even your parents. Also, if you are planning on taking a ride with your friends to go to the party make sure you guys decide a designate driver, that person has to make sure not to drink the whole night because she will be responsible of driving everybody home. If you are alone that night; Keep an emergency text or speed dial number ready. So if you are really drunk it will be easier to text or call someone (it could be your siblings or parents) who will be available to drive you back home. Also, if you are planning on leaving alone to join some friends at a party keep someone in your house informed so they could be aware during the night if you are trying to reach out for them. Another thing you could so before going out is too keep a taxi number in your phone contacts so it would be easy to reach a taxi driver if you are not able to drive safely. If you are the one throwing a party, slowly stop serving alcohol by the end of the night so that people can sober up. When it is time for your friends too leave, make sure they are all sober and able to drive safely too their houses. Drunk driving can also be prevent by talking about it, show videos to your friends, younger sibling etc. so they can be aware and sensitize to the consequences of such behavior.

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