Out of My Mind by Shannon Draper



Do you have anyone in your family with Cerebral Palsy? Melody Brooks has it. She can't talk or  walk.She has trouble moving her body.People look at her like she is retarded but she is really smart.She has a photographic memory which allows her to remember what she hears and sees.

Do you know what Cerebral Palsy is?Cerebral Palsy is a disorder that is not contagious.It can cause people to not be able to control their muscles,not be able to talk,and learn easy. Cerebral means having something to do with your brain.Palsy means a weakness or problem in a way a person move or position their self.

What do you think causes Cerebral Palsy?When their muscles aren't working right in their body.Some parts of their brain causes Cerebral Palsy.Infections during pregnancy can also cause Cerebral Palsy.

What  do you think the accommodation is?The accommodation is what the people use to help them with Cerebral Palsy.First, thing they use is a wheelchair.Next, thing is a med-talker to help them speak.The last thing they use is other people to help them around.

Do you know anyone with Cerebral Palsy?If you didn't know there are a lot of Cerebral Palsy.Famous people even have it.Stephen Hawking is a talker and has Cerebral Palsy and he is a famous person. Geri Jewell is a actor and has Cerebral Palsy and she is a famous person. Many more famous people have Cerebral Palsy. All the famous people had a hard time trying to get use to Cerebral Palsy.


She is a 11 year old girl. She has Cerebral Palsy. She is in a wheelchair and is very smart in her mind. I can make a connection to melody because she is a good person. She is a smart person too. She is very thoughtful and intelligent person. When Melody got older she got smarter and happier with her life. She is a girl that can't express her feelings like normal students. She has been cooperative since she got the Media-talker now she can talk regular.


The Theme of the novel is to treat people the way you want to be treated. Many people have problems but they still have feelings. You should treat them like they are a normal kid because they already have a lot going on with their life. Another Theme of the novel is don't judge a book by its cover. 

point of view

This novel is first person point of view. This book is first person because of the text for example; ( you left me),( they think I'm dumb).


The setting in the book Out of My mind is Mrs.V's house, Home, and School. Mrs.V's house is where Melody goes to study and ask for help. Her home is where she sees mom,dad,Penny,and Butterscotch.The last place is School and she goes there to learn and make friends and have fun. This novel is like my life because our school is just like hers with bullies and people who need more help than we do.This book is realistic because anyone can have what she has.


The summary of the story Out of My Mind. It's about a 11 year old girl name Melody Brooks. She is the only child until the middle of the story when her mom has Penny. But before she has Penny they get a dog named Butterscotch. Then melody gets a Media-Talker so she can talk to the other kids at school and tell her mom and dad that she loves them. Then one day she joins the Whiz Kidz team and she helps them win so they can go to Washington D.C. But they leave her behind because they think she will slow them up on their flight so they take a earlier flight because the other flights were cancelled. So Melody decides to go to school because they lost and tell  them about their selves. When they get ready to go mom accidentally hits Penny because Melody is throwing a tornado because she knows Penny is out there. So Melody sits at Mrs.V's house and thinks about what happened and wonders if its her fought.

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