Leading about informational text.

Non-fiction is a book that gives true information.

We read non-fiction because we want to get real facts. We read non-fiction to get locations to a specific place. We also read non-fiction because we can get real photographs. We also just read it for pleasure and to learn about different cultures.

All non-fiction books should have table of contents, index, glossary heading, photographs,captions, labels, diagrams, graph, and charts

  • A table of contents is list of section in a book
  • Index it's a page that tells where specific things are in the book.
  • Glossary a dictionary in the back of the book.
  • Heading are bold words tell about s different topic.

  • Photographs are real life pictures taken.
  • Captions are a picture that tells what the text is saying.
  • Labels are a picture with arrows telling what something is.
  • Diagrams is a picture that shows what something is.
  • Graphs are charts with a bar to represent the number of things that something has in a chart to show which has more less and etc.
  • A chart is something that helps organize something.

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