Internet Safety tips and rules

      Top ten Internet rules

      1. Ask for parent permission before giving out personal information.

      2. Tell your parents or guardian if there is something online that makes you uncomfortable

      3.Don’t respond to messages that make you uncomfortable

      4. Never give credit card number or password out to anyone

      5. Never give out your picture without parent permission

      6.Be careful when someone offers you something for nothing, such as gifts or money

      7.   Don’t ever accept a gift or an offer that involves having someone visit your house

      8. Never arrange to meet someone you’ve met online in person unless you discuss it with your parents and adult goes with you

      9. Talk to your parents to set up rules for going online. Decide with them the best time of day to be online, the length of time to be online, and appropriate areas to visit

      10. Get to know your ‘’online friends’’ just as you get to know all of your friends. Be sure that you are dealing with someone that you and your parents know and trust before giving out any personal information about yourself via email

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Online safety paraghraph

3 years ago

You should use my safety rules because they will help you understand online safety. They will also help you be safe on the internet. Other than using internet safety rules you also need to be smart on the internet too. Like you need to be able to tell if something is okay to do or not okay, because if your not any person could find anything they want about you if they have enough money. Okay kids also remember to be safe!!