why do people bully
by: Lilly

people who bully can cause so much pain to others that it comes to hurting them selves that i might even come to suicide and then you live with guilt the rest of your life you dont want it. its not gonna make you better by putting someone down.

it doesn't make you better always remember you wouldn't want someone being mean to you and making you feel bad so don't do it to others

37 percent to kids in California report of being bullied

Sorce citation:Bullying based on race, national origin prevalent in California public schools." Philippines Daily Inquirer [Makati City, Philippines] 2. Mar. 2015. Global Issues in Context. Web. 6 Apr. 2015.

familys have to deal with the lost

a mother has to deal with a loss of her daughter its her birthday she should be celebrating in but she passed by suicide because some bullies bullied her until she couldnt take it anymore.you wouldnt wat that for your family so why cause it for someone elses.

sourse citation; "  dead flordia teen sends birthday message, promises to fight bullying." CNN Wire 20 oct.

How to make bullying stop

A brave teen stood up to her bully that made her life hell she gave a speech  during a assembly she finally spoke outafter three years of being bullied. She says bullies care about being cool and popular so they bully but if you tell people most the time they'll stop because they know they can't get away with it. She says that if ally said that enough was enough. A boy bullied her than it caught on and others joined she decided the best way to make It stop was to announce it, but after she noticed the the boy who bullied  her was smirking.

Sorce citation: "brave teen fights back against bullying b giving an inspirational speech during assembly about how 'worthless' they made ; Toni court spoke out after suffering three years of torment at the city of Norwitch school, saying bullying was 'uncool' daily Mirror [ London England] 4 Apr.2015. General one file. Web.6. 2015.

what you can do about bullying

treat everyone with respect  stop and think before you do something that will hurt someone talk to an adult you trust stand up for others get involved if the victim cant speak up for them self.

source citation:http://www.stopbullying.gov/kids/what-you-can-do/

Amanda todd

amanda todd took her life because she was bullied and it lead to her death she put a video up before she died she died by bleach.

souce citation:o-AMANDA-TODD-facebook.jpg

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