Japanese Nobles Create Great Art

Heian, these nobles created an imperial court, a geoup of nobles who live near and serve or advise a ruler. The  nobles of  this. Court loued  beauty  and. Elegance. Members. Of  the  noble. Court  had little  to do  with  the common. Peolpe of  Heian. Because  of  this love, many nobles  were great  supporters of the arts. In fact, the period  between 794 and 1185 was a  golden  age. Of the arts in japan.


example, women wore long gowns mode of 12 layers of colored silk  cleverly cut and  folded to show off many layers at  once.  These fans were painted with flowers, tree, and dirds. The nobles' love of beauty  began  with their own  appearances.


In addition to how they looked, Japanese nobles took great care with how they spoke and  wrote. Many women  wrote diaries and journals about their lives at court. As aersult, many of the  greatest works of early Japanese literature  were writtenby women. Around 1000, she  wrote  the  of  genji. Many readers also consider it one of the best. She describes court  life in japan with great detail. Nobles loued to read and winte poems. Poems from this time usually had only fiue lines. Most were a dout love or nature, bot some described every day events. Here is an example of a nature poem about the  end of winter:.