Russell Sergent - Starting Your Own Business

In the United States, everyone with a dream and enough business sense can found his or her own business. Russell Sergent wanted to take full advantage of the opportunities granted him growing up in Rockford, Illinois. He graduated from Rockford High School and decided to start his own business with the experience and little education he had. Sergent believed he could help people throughout the region with his brand of products and excellent customer service. Over 20 years later, Sergent runs several businesses in Illinois and Wisconsin. He has found great success with all of these companies because he started all of them with successful business practices and philosophies he picked up over the years.

If Russell Sergent ever wanted to teach business classes on how to start your own company, he would probably start with a lesson on how to secure funding for your venture. Sergent incorporates several crucial steps for starting your own business into the getting funding step for good reasons. The first step that Sergent took when he started planning his first business, Pro-Source distributors, which over 20 years later, is still one of the top janitorial supply companies in Wisconsin and southern Illinois, was to draw up a business plan.

Many business analysts and teachers separate this step from securing funding, but to Sergent and many others, writing a business plan is the best way to secure funding from many different sources. Before investors or loan officers can back a business proposal, they have to see that not only the business leader has the potential to use whatever resources the lender or investor can give them to their full advantage, but also that the business leader is organized and committed enough to spend time setting business goals and plans of action to achieve those goals.

Russell Sergent established Pro-Source Distributors as a small business with low overhead so that he could provide his clients throughout the region with excellent prices and customer service. He made an investment in the planning process early in the development of his business so that he could get the funding he needed to build on his dream. Russell Sergent says that inspiration is another key ingredient of a successful business. No one can start a company without first getting the inspiration for an excellent idea that he or she can sell.

Sergent knew that he could build a successful company by selling the supplies that janitorial staffs needed throughout the region at low prices. His idea was to eliminate unnecessary overhead and undercut other larger suppliers. Sergent knew his potential position in the market of janitorial supply companies and used it as an advantage. Sergent worked out his strategy for entering the market with a much-needed service as a way of securing funding and creating confidence from investors.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Considerable Business Leadership Skill

Russell Sergent has always possessed the entrepreneurial spirit, something he discovered just after high school graduation and which continues to fuel his enthusiasm for the oversight and leadership of three successful companies. The leader of a top janitorial supply company, a snowmobiling and winter sports accessory and gear store and a local Quizno’s operation, Sergent shows the same fire for business operation, leadership and entrepreneurialism that he’s had from day one.

Though a relatively small company, Russell Sergent’s Pro-Source Distributors, Inc. has developed into a leading supplier of chemicals, paper products and janitorial supplies throughout the region, supplying over 500 companies with superior-quality service, value and products on a daily basis. In operation since 1995, Pro-Source Distributors has thrived under Sergent’s leadership, and has become synonymous with great janitorial products and customer service.

Opened by Russell Sergent in 1997, Pro-Source Xtreme continues to demonstrate its leader’s love of snowmobiling, as well as his knack for providing the products and service customers are looking for. A specialist in snowmobiling and winter sports accessories, Pro-Source Xtreme is now known by many throughout Northern Illinois as the place to find snowmobiling gear, accessories and parts to make their next adventure as enjoyable as possible.

The Rockford-based Quizno’s franchise, which Rusty Sergent oversees, continues to live up to the high standards of quality and service the company has come to be known for, providing the best made sandwiches and customer service in the local area. The location, which opened in 2000, has come to embody Sergent’s ongoing commitment to a customer-first philosophy.

Russell Sergent

Need Some Shoes?

People think of shoes as a simple piece of clothing for travel, keeping feet warm and safe. However, for some people, the type and quality of a pair of shoes means everything to them. The performance and health of athletes like runners, triathletes, and marathoners depends on the shoes that they buy on a regular basis. While the average person can wear the same pair of shoes for up to 3 years, marathon runners tear through shoes within merely a couple of months. With this, brings an industry demand for shoe producers that can make shoes optimized for this kind of load.

Shoe brands are built off of luxury, and make a lot of emphasis off of their special features that, in reality, are not all that special. Marathon runners aren’t looking for air in their shoes or insignias. Instead, they are looking for tough and durable fabrics, breathable design that allows each step they take to be comfortable and healthy on the bones and ligaments of the body. These problems are much harder to solve than the ones that shoe companies focus on, leaving a subset of the industry that focuses on providing shoes specifically for outdoor and athletic activities.

Most of these stores are small businesses, due to the demand for micromanagement and immense care for the target market’s needs. Russell Sergent, an avid marathoner and serial entrepreneur, started his business, Feet Fleet Sports, while increasing his interest in marathon running and triathlete events in 2007. His knowledge of running shoes gave him the resources to create a company that provided shoes that runners are looking for, with his experience of 19 full marathons and 4 Ironman triathlons giving him the industry edge on expert shoe knowledge. In such a competitive world of sports, the shoe means everything, begging the question of where the next shoe producer will be next.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Business Thrive?

Your business model is ready to be shown to investors. The operations are structured, the idea is growing with popularity, and you have the suppliers and distributors ready to make orders happen. However, this is one of the easiest parts of running a business, and the next step is to make it grow and turn into a successful company. Businesses all over the US are looking for that component to make their business explode into growth, a growth that will turn them into the next big corporation. One of the most important elements that they are missing is with them and ready to make a difference, yet they ignore it completely in the hopes that they do not need it. Time put into a business is everything, and putting in enough time is the key to making a business succeed.

Businesses do not transform overnight, and even if they appear to do so, it takes months and months of research, development, prototyping, and the right marketing research to make them appear to do so. Every business has a process that makes them great, and this system stays with them to improve their profits throughout the longevity of the company. Dedication has a lot to do with the success of this process, and a lack luster attempt at creating a company from dust will usually not turn into a very thriving venture.

However, those who take the time to do it right have much success in the future. Russell Sergent, a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, began his first venture in 1995, creating a company that he spend 10 years tirelessly building. After a decade of 80-hour work weeks, his business finally began to thrive, and he was given the opportunity to expand into three other businesses in his lifetime.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Achieving Great Success with Quizno’s

Russell Sergent is the proud owner/operator of a Rockford, Illinois Quizno’s location, and continues to provide his team the oversight, management and direction they need to both perform at highest levels, and to achieve above and beyond expectations. Officially opened in the year 2000, Sergent’s Quizno’s has provided nearly 15 years of high-quality sandwiches and service to the people of the Rockford community.

As the successful entrepreneur and business professional behind such companies as Pro-Source Distributors, Inc., a leading janitorial supply company, and Pro-Source Xtreme, a snowmobiling gear and apparel shop, Russell Sergent took a significant leap when he chose to expand his business operations into the field of food service. A completely different realm that required and extensive amount of energy and time to learn, the Quizno’s operation provided Sergent a significant and highly-rewarding challenge, one that tackled with enthusiasm, and that has since transformed into a highly-profitable and successful Rockford location.

Russell Sergent has always enjoyed the opportunity to not only manage a company, but to also serve the customer’s needs; to provide the client something special and memorable that would continually keep them coming back for more. With his Rockford Quizno’s location, Rusty Sergent is able to continue the tradition of providing a high-quality product in a friendly, customer-oriented environment, as well as the opportunity to surpass yet another set of personal and professional expectations.

Sergent has a passion for business operation and leadership, something that has earned him the reputation as skilled and successful business entrepreneur. He has proven to have the skill, insight and talent needed to take on the challenges of company leadership, something he has demonstrated considerable proficiency in for over 20 years.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Places to Visit in Rockford, Illinois

Russell Sergent was born and grew up in the peaceful community of Rockford, Illinois, and considers it privilege to have come from such a beautiful area. Sergent continues to maintain steady involvement in the Rockford community, particularly as the current owner/operator of a local and popular Quizno’s franchise.

As a native of Rockford, Russell Sergent is privy to all the great sights and attractions the city has to offer. Below, he looks to provide Rockford visitors several of the community’s most popular and must-see attractions, places that help to make the city a truly inspiring and memorable place to visit.

Andersen Japanese Gardens

The Andersen Japanese Gardens are not only one of the most popular attractions in Rockford, but also in the state of Illinois, offering visitors a unique opportunity to experience the wonder, color and beauty of a vibrant Japanese garden, one that includes a serene landscape, the peaceful flow of water, an abundance of color and numerous stone lanterns, bridges, pagodas. The Gardens provide the visitor a beautiful homage to authentic Japanese culture.

Burpee Museum of Natural History

The Burpee Museum of Natural History, as Russell Sergent knows, features four floors of educational natural history exhibits, including interactive science and wildlife exhibits for the kids. The museum also offers guests a look into Illinois’ unique geologic history, providing the visitor a great opportunity to the geological events that helped to shape the natural beauty of Rockford and the surrounding area.

Coronado Performing Arts Center

For the visitor looking for more of a cultural Rockford experience, the Coronado Performing Arts Center offers ample opportunity to experience events ranging from stand-up comedy, plays, musical events and more.

Russell Sergent - Doing What He Loves Most

As an enthusiastic graduate, Russell Sargent sticks by the “why” of Superfeet University, as seen on “We believe in human potential. The capacity in all of us to achieve more than others expect.” It’s in this spirit that we make insoles and footwear to help in the pursuit of the unexpected. Because when you believe anything is possible, nothing should hold you back.” Rusty Sergent lives by this motto both inside and out of the workplace.

Russell Sergent considers himself incredibly lucky to be able to deepen his passion for running by opening Fleet Feet Sports in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Being an avid runner, sharing his passion with his clients to help them become safer and more capable runners is of the utmost importance. At Fleet Feet Sports, you can be sure to find top-quality running gear and accessories as well as an incredibly friendly staff who can point you in the right direction for all of your running necessities. Russell moved specifically to Milwaukee to be closer to Fleet Feet Sports though he still manages the daily operations of Pro-Source Distributors Inc., Quizno’s, and Pro-Source Xtreme in Rockford, Illinois.

You simply couldn’t ask for a more highly knowledgeable business owner. Russell Sergent, having run 19 marathons, countless half-marathons, and four Ironman triathlons, truly leads by example in record time! After his first marathon, P.F. Changs’s Rock and Roll Marathon in Arizona in 2007, Russell Sergent was completely hooked and immediately began seeking out more opportunities to become a stronger athlete, such as the Inaugural Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Blending Work and Passions

Not many people are lucky enough to hold their dream job, but Russell Sergent is. Russell, a business owner who has launched numerous companies in Wisconsin and Illinois to provide products for activities that interest and excite him, such as running and snowmobiling. Born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, Russell built his businesses, Pro-Source Distributors Inc., Pro-Source Xtreme, and a Rockford location Quizno’s, in his scenic hometown with an unending amount of ambition and the support of his community.

It is impossible to miss Russell Sergent’s passion for helping others, as the bedrock of his career is ensuring that his customers always leave happily with a good deal. It is within this framework that business and passions begin to work together. He always leaves those he encounters feeling empowered and ready for their next move, whether that’s a marathon, a lengthy snowmobile trip or a large company event in which lunch will be provided by your local Quizno’s.

A self-starter at his core, Russell Sergent is interested in how true happiness necessitates a fulfilling work life. With the perfect balance, he manages the stress of overseeing multiple companies while still maintaining a vibrant running career and personal life filled with activities such as snowmobiling, swimming, seeing movies with friends, baking, and always finding time to spend with family. Kindness is at the heart of Russell’s professional and personal ventures, and whether you need a triathlon coach, the perfect sandwich or a recommendation for the “just right” running shoes, he’s your guy.

Fleet Feet Sports - A Brief History

Fleet Feet Sports is a specialty store offering running apparel for all levels of running enthusiasts. The first store was founded in 1976 in Sacramento, CA by Sally Edwards and Elizabeth Jansen. The pair ran the store with great success and in 1980 began to offer franchise opportunities due to growing demand for running gear.

Sally Edwards continued to oversee the expansion of the franchises throughout the 1980’s and in 1993 the company was purchased by Tom Raynor. Rayor continued to grow the operation and today there are over 100 franchises located throughout the country, with store headquarters located in Carrboro, North Carolina.

Fleet Feet Sports franchise owners are offered an extensive training program and are required to attend a national conference for franchisees and vendors before opening their stores. The company offers continued support once the store is up and running, including access to mentors in the Fleet Feet network who have successfully run their stores.

Fleet Feet has been marketed over the years as more than just an apparel store; in addition to the massive selection of high end running gear, the store offers training programs, nutrition support, and specialized fitting programs. Satisfied customers repeatedly return for the personalized service and expert advice that Fleet Feet is known for.

Russel Sergent is an avid runner who owned and operated a successful Fleet Feet Sports store in Brookfield, WI. Operating the business allowed Sergent to combine his passion for running along with the business expertise he gained as the owner of multiple successful companies.

Russell Sergent

The Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Many have the dream of being their own boss and calling all the shots, but the reality of carrying all the weight of an entire company on one's shoulders isn’t for everyone. But for those who are persistent, creative and hard working, the benefits of being you own boss are worth the effort. Owning and operating your own business comes with challenges, but as your own boss, expect to experience these advantages:


You run the company, and you call the shots. You can build your schedule around what works best for you.

-Creative Control

You make all the decisions shaping the creative direction of your company. You get to bring your vision to fruition.

-You Truly Own Your Success

The success of your company lies on your shoulders, and the harder your work, the more benefits your reap.

-Your Challenge is Real and Continuous

Many face boredom in the workplace when the job is no longer challenging. As the owner of a business, the challenges are endless, and more challenges often bring about bigger rewards.

-You Become Diversified

As the owner of a business, you’ll have to learn all facets of operations. All business skills that you develop will be invaluable—whether you continue as an entrepreneur or get back into the workforce as an employee.

Russell Sergent knew at a young age that he wanted to be his own boss. As soon as he graduated from high school, he opened his first business, Pro-Source Distributors. His entrepreneurial spirit continued to grow and in 1999 he opened Pro-Source Xtreme Parts and Accessories, a store supplying snowmobile parts, gear, and accessories. In 2000, Sergent added a Quiznos franchise to his business portfolio.

Russell Sergent

Starting a New Business: Web Presence by Russell Sergent

A web presence is extremely important to have, particularly for every new business seeking even a modicum of success within the United States. With the rise of internet-based marketing, and the proven results that come from directing one’s customers through company websites, particularly in the past decade, many business experts have come to agree that the creation of a strong web presence is the key to both surviving and making a profit. This is especially true beyond the first three years of your business’s existence. In the United States, over a third of all small businesses fail after the first year, and most don’t make a profit until their third year. In order to grow your business, you will most likely have to get a well-designed webpage, that which helps customers locate your business online.

A major aspect of your web presence should include Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the art of placing your website first among common search terms your customers are typing in (products or services). The better your webpage is designed and optimized to appear on the top of common search results, the more likely your customers are to find your business (and not your competitors) for their needs. SEO services can also make it easier for your customers to find your physical location on services such as Google Maps.

Russell Sergent is a small business owner from Rockford, Illinois. After graduating from Rockford East High School in 1988, Sergent started his own business from his home. He worked over eighty hours a week for ten years to establish his business as a respected leader in the industry. Sergent’s company, Pro-Source Distributors, supplies five hundred businesses with essential janitorial, paper, and chemical supplies in Illinois and Wisconsin. Twenty-seven years after he graduated from high school, Sergent established his business as a regional power in the local janitorial supply industry. He devoted a decade of his life to building his business.

Russell Sergent: How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Many kids in the United States dream about owning their own business. Living as an entrepreneur can be very rewarding for a variety of reasons, including the money you can make if you’re successful. Owning your own business can be highly rewarding, simply because you often have the opportunity to make your own hours, and to work for yourself. Starting a business, and succeeding as an entrepreneur, requires many hours of work per week, often only to make little profit, at least for the first year. Many businesses in the United States fail after three years for one reason or another. Many others aren’t able to make a profit until at least their fifth year of existence. Business owners often work fifty hours a week or more for five years after they start their business just to keep its door open, something often necessary succeed and to attract more customers.

Succeeding as an entrepreneur takes more than hard work, however, to break even. Entrepreneurial success often requires careful planning, and some luck, at least in the early months and years of the business. To establish your brand, at least as a player in any niche of the industry you participate in, your business will have to both grow and sustain growth. A business has to grow quickly in order to survive in the long term. Continuing to fight to break even may only help to your business keep its doors open. As an entrepreneur, you have to create opportunities for your business to expand its operations in the industry you inhabit. Getting a larger market share should always be one of your top priorities while you keep your business running. The longer you tread water, the faster your competitors will gain on you and take your market share. Russell Sergent built his company, Pro-Source Distributors, from the ground floor into one of the largest distributor of janitorial supplies, paper, and chemicals to over 500 businesses in Wisconsin and Illinois. Sergent started his business in 1988.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent: How to Create Opportunities for Growth for Your Business

As a business owner, you have to seek out ways to take a larger portion of your market, something you most likely need to build a strong client base, and to achieve success in the long term. During the first six months of a business’s life, a business will often have to tread water simply to break even. This critical time can sink even the strongest business owner’s plans, even one with an excellent capital source and a sound business plan. The best way to mitigate your business’s early struggles is to keep moving forward, and to work on building a stronger customer base. This often works in two ways.
Your business has to provide excellent customer service to keep your customers paying for your products and services. Keeping your existing customers is often much cheaper than bringing in new customers. Don’t lose your regular clients by being sloppy. Keep the customers that keep your business alive both happy and loyal. Once you have a good customer base, you can build on that foundation through a strong advertising campaign, as well as by making your business available to your target customers. Creating a solid base for your business can often allow you to make a bigger investment in marketing services, and to begin expanding your market reach, at least as it pertains to products or services you offer. Your business will soon be a self-sustaining entity, and you can then invest your profits into hiring more employees and expanding your physical presence.
As your business expands, you will be able to take on more clients and serve your established customer base even better, and the system feeds back on itself. The more success your business achieves, the more you can expand, and the more you can help your customers and your market share. Even large businesses struggled when the first started. You can make yours into a winner if you prepare to succeed.

Russell Sergent is a small business owner from Rockford, Illinois. He runs three businesses: Pro-Source Distributors—a janitorial supply company, Pro-Source Xtreme—a snowmobile supply store, and a Quizno’s franchise.

Russell Sergent - Becoming A Triathlon Coach

Russell Sergent has always been interested in running and staying active. He played many sports as a child but was also very focused on his school work. He is now a successful business owner of four companies. He also loves running and participating in marathons and triathlons. After doing just a few marathon he became hooked and has participated in over 19 full marathons since 2007. He was able to finish all of them in under 13 hours.

In 2014 he participated in the Inaugural Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World. This event was a very demanding one and involved a 5k run, 10k, half marathon and a full marathon. He was able to complete it successfully and the feeling of accomplishment he got motivated him to participate in the event again in 2015.

He knows how much work and determination is required to complete marathons and triathlons and wants to help people get the same experiences he has had. He currently coaches other runners and triathlon athletes. He became a certified level one triathlon coach in 2010 and has been helping other people train every since. He hopes that he can not only prepare more people for triathlons, but also increase the number of people who choose to compete in them.

He continues to train and help other people prepare for triathlons but is also very involved with the businesses he owns. He enjoys helping people get the supplies they need and his small business has a low overhead that allows him to pass his savings down to his customers. He has enjoyed being an entrepreneur since he graduated high school and being a business owner has allowed him to make time for his running and coaching hobbies.

Russell's passion for running goes beyond his participation in marathons and triathlons. In 2008 he found a way to combine his love for running with his interest in business and opening a running shoe store called Fleet Feet Sports. This is the fourth store he has opened and runs. His other stores include a janitorial supply stored called Pro-Source Distributors, Pro-Source Xtreme and a Quiznos store.

Russell Sergent has found success in the business world and in the world of triathlons and marathons. He plans to continue his success with both and is always looking for more triathlons to compete in and more business opportunities to take advantage of. He plans to participate in another Ironman triathlon soon. He is always happy to help other people get ready for the marathons and triathlons they want to participate in and is available to answer questions and solve running problems.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Tips For Training For A Triathlon

Russell Sergent knows a thing or two about training for a triathlon. He has participated in many over the years and he is also a triathlon coach. He knows that training for a triathlon isn’t easy, but something that must be done if you want to be successful. If you are thinking about participating in a triathlon, consider these tips to help you train for it.

Eat Right

When you are training for a triathlon, you will be burning a lot of calories and using a lot of energy. You need to replenish your body with nutrients and that means eating a well-balanced diet. Make sure you drink plenty of water as well to avoid dehydration.


Make sure you give your body time to rest and recover while training. You need to rest in order for your muscles to rebuild and for your body to recovery from the training.


You need to stay focused when training for a triathlon. Training can be hard and you may get tired and burnt out at times. Staying focused will also keep you motivated and make it more likely for you to complete your training.

Participating in a triathlon is a great way to stay in shape and stay fit. If you are going to become as successful at running triathlons as Russell Sergent, you need to make sure you are training properly.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Finding A Triathlon Near You

If you enjoy running like Russell Sergent and want to do it competitively, you may want to consider entering triathlons. Before you think there aren’t any near you, take the time to do your research and see what is available. Here are some tips for finding a triathlon in your area.

Search Online

You can use the Internet to find anything, even triathlon races near you. Just doing a simple search with your favorite search engine to find what you need. Visit the website or use the contact information to get the time and date and registration deadlines for the events you want to attend.

Check with Local School

Many school, especially colleges host or are away of triathlons and other athletic events in your area. Call the sport administration office or simply look on campus for bulletin boards that may offer fliers. You can also contact track coaches.

Join a Mailing List

Once you have participated in your first triathlon, sign up for a mailing list. This will likely get your name on more running mailing lists and allow you to receive information in the mail on upcoming events in your area.

You may not have many triathlons in your area, but you can count on there being one nearby. Russell Sergent participates in as many triathlons as he can and tried to find them close to his home.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Tips For Beginner Racquetball Players

Russell Sergent may be focused on running, but he also enjoys playing several other sports. One of his favorite is sports is racquetball. If you want to start playing basketball, consider these tips for beginning players.

Use Your Elbow

Your elbow plays a big role in racquetball. You can use it to aim the ball and perfect your swing. Make sure you are always aware of your elbow and have it lined up properly. You should also stretch your elbow to avoid an injury during a racquetball game.

Be Safe

Racquetball is fun, but it can lead to injuries. Make sure you wear protective gear at all time and are following all of the rule and regulations. Keep a first aid kit on hand in case of a minor injury. If you are careful, you can enjoy racquetball without any problems.

Snap Your Wrist

When you hit the ball, you need to make sure your wrist snaps. It should snap with contact and the movement should become natural the more you play. The racquet should continue to stay straight even after the wrist snaps.

Racquetball is a great way to have fun with friends a stay in shape. If you have never played racquetball before, get to your closest gym and find someone to play with. Russell Sergent enjoys racquetball and you might too.

Russell Sergent has been working with distance runners to maximize the effectiveness of their training and helping them succeed in competitions since 2008, when he opened his first Fleet Feet Sports stores in Brookfield, Illinois. Fleet Feet became a pet project for Sergent shortly after he ran in his first marathon at PF Chang’s Rock n Roll Marathon in Arizona in 2007. He quickly fell in love with the sport and decided to start his own business dedicated to helping others succeed in their athletic endeavors shortly after he finished his first marathon. Since 2007, Sergent has participated in several full marathons and more half-marathons than he can count. He even participated in the Iron Man triathlon in 2008, and continues to train for his next competition.

Russell Sergent started his first business in 1995. Pro-Source Distributors is a janitorial supply company working with over 500 clients in Illinois and Wisconsin. The experience of working hard to gain a foothold in the market in this region prepared him to start another business closer to his personal interests. Sergent sees Fleet Feet Sports as a reward for being successful with Pro-Source Distributors and building it from the ground up. He gets to work in the industry that he loves and help people find ways to run faster and train harder without exposing themselves to greater injury risk. Any way he can help people live their dreams the way he has is a great reward for him in his business career.

Russell Sergent managed to get Fleet Feet Sports up and running by using all of the lessons he learned founding his first venture. He managed to sustain his initial success for Fleet Feet by working closely with customers to find them the best solutions for the training and competitive equipment they needed. As a distance runner himself, Sergent knows the importance of finding the right gear that fits well and supports all of the most vulnerable parts of a runner’s body. A distance runner’s footwear must help him or her protect the ligaments and tendons in the front and back of the knee, their arches, and more. Different runners have different needs for their footwear, as Sergent knows, and he loves learning more about what makes certain footwear and other gear more or less attractive to serious or amateur runners.

Russel Sergent loves discussing the advantages of many different kinds of distance gear with customers and partners throughout the region. He recently celebrated his first Fleet Feet Sports store in Brookfield, Wisconsin’s opening in 2008 with a sale and he hopes that he can continue to engage with the community on the subject of running for many more years to come.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Working with Distance Runners

Russell Sergent has made plenty of mistakes during his long career as a businessman in Illinois and Wisconsin, but they never brought him down from his goals and never affected his will to succeed. He has instead learned much from them over time. Sergent is the owner of several businesses near his hometown of Rockford, Illinois. He started his first business shortly after he graduated from Rockford High School and since then has started several more all attuned to his personal interests. When he first started working to build his first business, Pro-Source Distributors, a janitorial supply company now with over 500 corporate clients in the region, he had to figure many things out on his own. Here are three mistakes to avoid for young entrepreneurs just starting businesses of their own:

  • Avoiding personnel decisions. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to hire the right people and fire the wrong people. Over time, Russell Sergent has gotten a feel for who works well in his businesses and who doesn’t. Sometimes young entrepreneurs hesitate to make personnel decisions because of their inherent difficulty. Don’t waste time and make the right calls.
  • Missing opportunities to network. You may not need their help now, but every opportunity to network with other business representatives or potential clients should be coveted.
  • Getting too much information. Russell Sergent believes that to make informed decisions, you need information. Some analysts and advisors can unintentionally bury entrepreneurs in information. This leads to hesitation and inaction sometimes. Act quickly and with intention.

Russell Sergent has built several businesses in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Training for a Marathon

Russell Sergent has completed and competed in many marathons since he participated in the PF Chang’s Rock N Roll Marathon in 2008. Later that same year, Sergent founded Fleet Feet Sports, an athletic supply store dedicated almost entirely to helping distance runners get the best footwear and other gear to avoid injury and reach their goals. Sergent is now an experienced trainer and participant in marathons throughout the world. He has picked up many lessons training for distance running competitions of all distances, but marathon training is by far the most difficult for him. He loves to challenge himself to test his endurance and his stamina regularly by training for and completing marathons.

The more specific to a marathon your regular workouts are in the weeks leading up to the race, the more your training will help. Russell Sergent knows that training for a marathon can take up to a year to build the necessary stamina and pacing to complete such a long race. Part of planning for a marathon involves pacing. In addition to building up your stamina by running long distances at hard and easy paces, you have to find what distance runners call “marathon pace,” or the pace at which your body will be able to maintain to finish a marathon. Russell Sergent recommends, as a final training program soon before the race, to run one mile at an easy pace, and 14 at marathon pace every other day.

Russell Sergent isn’t a personal trainer, so his advice might not work for all marathon runners. He does have the experience to back up his recommendations to customers of Fleet Feet Sports and more.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Habits of Successful Business Owners

As the owner of Pro-Source Distributors, Inc., Russell Sergent knows what it takes to run a business at a high level. If someone studies the world’s top business leaders, they will discover that these people share many common characteristics, regardless of the fact that they run a Fortune 500 company or they are the owners of the best restaurant in the city. Entrepreneurship – at every level – requires a combination of qualities that will set successful people apart from the rest.

Good Health
Good health isn’t necessarily required for success, but it’s certainly required if one’s goal is to achieve consistent, prolonged success. Having a sharp mind is one of the most important tools a business owner must possess, but only if it is combined with having good general health. That’s the only way that this quality can be relied upon in the long run. Simply put: in order for someone to run a successful business for a long period of time, they need to stay healthy.

Having Other Interests
Fixating on something all the time is generally not a healthy or productive thing to do. Those with a tendency to do that, often experience the phenomenon called mental block. Having stimuli outside of the working environment is extremely important. This often means spending less time on the business itself, but it’s still beneficial, as it leads to better concentration.

An Ability to Think Forward
Being a successful business owner comes down to a variety of different aspects, including the ability of being a good leader. A good leader knows when to stay behind and when to push forward, inspiring others to follow them. The ability to see what lies ahead is extremely important. Without this skill, it becomes increasingly hard to successfully run a business. Circumstances change constantly, but when one possesses the ability to think forward and see certain changes ahead, they will also be able to properly prepare for these changes and prevent possible mistakes.

Being Organized
A good business owner is organized, and whenever they have good ideas that can possibly propel their business forward, they prioritize. A lot of this comes down to being punctual, being able to make it to meetings and keeping deadlines. Being collectively organized is one of the most common elements successful businesses share.

Building and Maintaining Business Relationships
Long-lasting business relationships are the staple of success. Developing these connections takes time, but they are the most basic and most rewarding investments any business can make.

Being Decisive
Part of being a good leader is being decisive. Indecisions are the enemies of progress and those who cannot commit to a decision, often end up impeding their own progress.

Russell Sergent - who led many successful ventures throughout his business career – hopes that upcoming business leaders will be able to develop and maintain the right entrepreneurial mindset.


Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Why Every Healthy Person Should Try Triathlon

Russell Sergent is a professional triathlete who loves the sport and everything it represents. Triathlon can bring a large number of potential benefits to the table, making it one of the best forms of competition that inspires millions of people to test their mental resolve and physical fitness level.

Triathlon Builds Self-Confidence

It’s well-known that physical competitions are great confidence builders. People usually fear these events because they are not sure if they will be able to complete them. Once they realize that they can, their self-confidence will increase tenfold.

It’s Not Monotone at All

Various studies have shown that people usually give up exercising because they get tired of its monotonic nature. Hobby sports are usually like that, and because of the lack of competition that would keep things interesting, people give up on these routines. Triathlon is completely different. By combining three different sports into one exciting event, this type of competition can be extremely interesting. It’s really one of the best high-variety exercising routines around and as such, it’s perfectly suited to be a long term solution.

It Reveals Weaknesses

Triathlon is great for several reasons, but its ability to reveal certain weaknesses probably stands out the most. These weak points can be physiological or psychological, but once triathlon revealed them, one can start to work on turning them around. Whether it is a lack of core strength or not enough willpower, the sport can be more than a diagnostic tool - it can be the solution, too.

Russell Sergent is an experienced triathlete who had his fair share of tough competitions that taught him how to overcome certain obstacles in life.


Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent on Future Waste Management Trends

Russell Sergent is a professional athlete and successful entrepreneur who tries to live every day of his life by certain principles. The importance of recycling is one of these principles, and as a big admirer of green technologies, he always keeps his finger on the pulse of the innovation industry. Recycling and “green living” in general are popular notions these days, and the increasing number of environmentally conscious people inspires innovators and politicians to help us reduce our ecological footprint. Certain trends are booming, and many more are expected to come to fruition in the near future.

Plastic Items Could Be Banned

Plastic is extremely cheap, which means it’s extremely popular too, but unfortunately it also comes with a downside. Since most of items made of plastic would take hundreds (some of them actually thousands) of years to decompose, this material is extremely damaging to the environment. Several experts think that the complete ban of plastic items could be close, which would certainly impact the environment in a very positive way.

Paper Could Be Gone Too

While our reliance on paper has decreased in the last couple of decades, it still represents a major environmental problem. Since 2015, retailers and commercial businesses are required to detail their waste, including papers. With the vastly improved efficiency that digital recording can offer, there is no reason to stick to paper-based systems anymore.

As Russell Sergent, an environmentally conscious athlete and entrepreneur understands, the next couple of years should bring revolutionary changes that could positively impact the future of the planet.


Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent on Improving the Transitions

Russell Sergent is a professional triathlete who has been training for more than 20 years. In triathlon, there are three different events; swimming, cycling and running. Most triathletes try to improve by either fine-tuning these disciplines through skill work, or improve their physical abilities which can result to advantages gained in all three of these categories. There is, however, another method that can improve the performance of a triathlete, which is working on the transitions.

What Are They

The transitions are the short phases between the events. In triathlon, there is no stoppage time, which means the whole competition is a continuous race until the competitors reach the finish line. The transitional phases are extremely important because they can not only influence the finishing time of an athlete, but they can also offer a tremendous psychological boost between the events.

How to Get Better at Them

The biggest influencing factor for the transition phases is the physical layout of the competition. Knowing where the athlete comes out of the water, knowing where the bikes are, practicing ways to ditch the swim suit, etc. are all a big help. In some competitions the athletes get help with that process, but that is not a given, which means that they have to learn to effectively take off their wet swimsuit, and that is definitely not an easy thing to do.

As someone who competed in more than a 100 triathlon events under the aegis of various organizations, Russell Sergent knows how crucial the transitional phases are.


Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Common Mistakes Made By New Entrepreneurs

Russell Sergent has always possessed the entrepreneurial spirit, which has led to him enjoying great success in his business endeavors. “Shortly after high school I opened my first business, Pro-Source Distributors Inc.” he says. The company now supplies more than five hundred businesses with their janitorial, paper and chemical supply needs in Illinois and Wisconsin, plus his success in this arena has allowed him to pursue other business interests. Young entrepreneurs may wish to emulate this success, but there are a number of potential pitfalls that the unwary may encounter. The following are some of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when starting their businesses.

Thinking Service Is Everything

The services and products you supply are essential to your business, but you must understand that much more needs to be done to ensure the company remains stable. Many make the mistake of focusing solely on their product offerings, which leads to them procrastinating on the administrative work that is vital for a functioning business. By all means work on offering a good service, but remember that you need to make time for everything else that surrounds the business as well.

Creating Poor Business Plans

The greatest ideas in the world may not get off the ground if the plans behind them are poor. Your business plan needs to include everything from the financial issues you will face, through to competition and the path your business needs to take to achieve your goals for it. Furthermore, you also need to keep your plan concise and informative, placing your focus on the information that potential investors or lenders will want to know if you aim to attract more funds.

Poor Marketing

Your business will go nowhere if it has no exposure and there is only so much that good word of mouth can do for you. Many new entrepreneurs focus their spending on other areas of the business, which leads to marketing campaigns being neglected. Keep in mind that good marketing plans will not always need massive investment, but they do require careful thought so you can ensure your strategies target the right audience and that you make the most out of the resources you have at your disposal.

Poor Hiring Decisions

Many new entrepreneurs will naturally look to lower the costs of everything they do so they can pump more money into their businesses. This is not always wise when hiring, as the value of one good employee will outweigh that offered by ten who do not fit your business. Understand what your company needs and the working environment you wish to create so you can hire effective candidates who will further the goals of the business.

Russell Sergent is an experienced entrepreneur who runs a number of businesses.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - Advice For Novice Long Distance Runners

Russell Sergent is an experienced runner who has completed nineteen marathons and countless half-marathons. He is always keen to encourage others to take up the sport, which is why he has been involved in the launch of a number of programs aimed at helping people to train for long-distance events. Those who are new to running will face a number of challenges as they start to develop their skills, some of which can be a little daunting. By following this advice, you should be able to get the most out of the sport while also experiencing the many benefits that it has to offer.

Start Small

Before you can start to develop the stamina and skills you need to succeed as a runner you have to understand the current limitations of your body. Many novices make the mistake of jumping right in and trying to tackle distances that they are not prepared for, which can lead to failure, injury and demotivation. Instead, start by running distances that you know you can handle and slowly up your mileage over time. The progress will be easy to note and you won’t burn yourself out on the idea of running before you have given it a proper chance.

Get Good Shoes

Don’t underestimate the effect that a quality pair of running shoes will have on your endeavors. Poor shoes are liable to fall apart over large distances and will often be uncomfortable to wear, which distracts your focus from the race and may even result in injury in particularly bad cases. Spend a little time researching different pairs of shoes and invest money in a pair that will suit your needs. Trying to buy cheap will often lead to problems in the long run.

Make It A Habit

Developing your skills as a runner requires consistency, which means you need to make it a habit to go out and run as often as possible. If you start skipping too many days you may find that your motivation levels start to dwindle, making it all the harder to get back on track. Maintain a schedule for your running and stick to it as closely as possible.

Set Achievable Goals

Russell Sergent is a goal-oriented person who has managed to achieve the success he has enjoyed as a runner because he understands what his body is capable of and what he needs to do to improve. The goals you set for yourself should be challenging, but you also need to be realistic. Expecting to be able to run a marathon after a month of training is a recipe for failure so understand where you are at with your fitness and set goals that will push your forward, without being so lofty that they are impossible for you to achieve.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - The Benefits of Swimming

In addition to pursuing his passion for running whenever he has the opportunity, Russell Sergent is also a talented swimmer who has focused on honing his skills in the sport since he started competing in Ironman triathlons. Swimming is one of the most comprehensive workouts that you can do and it offers your body a number of interesting benefits, some of which you may not be aware of.

Improved Cardio

Swimming requires you to push against the resistance of the water so that you can maintain the speed needed to stay afloat and keep moving forwards. This has remarkable benefits for your cardiovascular conditioning and you will soon find that you start developing your stamina if you maintain your dedication to the sport. Furthermore, breathing properly during your swims can also help with the amount of oxygen your lungs can intake.

It Builds Muscle

While swimming won’t build muscle to the extent that you would be able to with a dedicated gym regimen, you should find that muscles in your arms, legs and core start to develop and tighten after swimming for a while. It is a sport that requires your whole body to be in good shape and you will see the positive effects in fairly short order.

Stress Relief

There are few things that Russell Sergent enjoys more than the feeling of being in the water. A good swim can help you clear your head and focus on things other than what is causing you to be anxious. There is something remarkably relaxing about swimming.

Russell Sergent

Russell Sergent - The Habits of Successful Business Owners

Russell Sergent opened his first business soon after leaving high school and has gone on to found a number of other companies, such as Pro-Source Xtreme and Fleet Feet Sports, in the years that have followed. In doing so he has developed a number of habits that are common amongst those who find success in business, including the below.

If you can’t bring enthusiasm and positivity for what you do into your work as a business owner it is likely that your efforts will be for naught. You must have great passion for what you do, as this will drive you forward when you face challenges that seem insurmountable. Furthermore, your enthusiasm will be contagious, allowing you to keep your workforce motivated and ready to do what is required to keep the business moving forward.

Asking for help is not something to be ashamed of. Almost everybody who has succeeded in business has asked for help in some form or another and there are many resources for you to take advantage of as a business owner. Understand that constant education is important and ask as many questions as you can to develop professionally.

If you don’t have confidence in what you do, there is no reason for anybody else to believe in you either. You need to be able to talk to people about why your business is great, while also ensuring that you deliver what you promise. Confidence will also help you to take risks where others might falter.

Russell Sergent is a multi-business owner based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Russell Sergent