Russell Negus

Successful Entrepreneur in Canada

An experienced businessman, Russell Negus is the founder and executive chairman of Abacus Private Equity in Canada. Owned by the Hillcore Group, Abacus helps vendors selling their shares or assets maximize their cash proceeds. Under Russell Negus’ management, the firm has built a varied portfolio of investments made throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia in such industries as oil and gas, real estate, and agriculture.

First founding Abacus in 1996, Mr. Negus served as the group’s CEO for several years before handing the title over to Jean-Marc Bougie in 2011. Before this, he was a principal at several Canadian real estate developments, which included master planned residential developments and small mixed-use developments.

In addition to the creation of Abacus, Mr. Negus has previously created two successful businesses. One was a real estate development company, which became recognized for its knowledge in the areas of industrial and commercial real estate, and the second business handled consolidations of agricultural properties. While working with his second business, he gained valuable experience in creating merger value and paying attention to detail, and he ultimately brought the company in as an affiliate to Abacus.