Russian Sleep Experiment

In the late 1940's, Russian scientists experimented with a gas based stimulant to see how it impacted the need for sleep. The experiment also known as the "Orange Soda Project" required five test subjects that would be confined to one room for a total of thirty days while under the influence of the gas. For the first five days the subjects seemed to show no mental or physical changes that could have been brought on by the gas. On the sixth day one of the men started to scream as loud as he could until his vocal cords ripped. Once he stopped a second took part in the screaming until he could not anymore.

Two of the men started to whisper secrets about the other men into microphones that were left in the room. On the ninth day the men who had been previously screaming were seen making attempts to scream as they ran the entire length of the chamber repeatedly. On the fifteenth day all five men were seen smearing there own feces onto pieces of paper and using them to cover the glass portholes that were the researchers only way to see inside. After three more days of absolute silence the researchers decided to open the chamber to test the microphones not believing that the men could be so quiet. When they opened the chamber the soldiers froze due to the severity of what they saw.

One man was found deceased laying face down in six inches of blood, chunks of his flesh stuffed into the drain. The rest of the men had ripped open their own abdomens and had disemboweled themselves with their bare hands. The four alive refused to leave the chamber and pleaded for the researchers to turn the gas back on. while the soldiers removed the men by force, one of the men fought so ferociously that he went into cardiac arrest and continued to flail for three minutes after his heart stopped.

The last three men were transported to a medical facility in an attempt to repair they're self inflicted damage. One man, while fighting not to be anesthetized, broke bones and tore muscles against his restraints. When the anesthetic finally took effect the man died instantly. The final two were not anesthetized during surgery and even laughed hysterically, so much so that the doctors injected them with a paralytic agent.

After all three man had finished their surgeries, they were put back into the chamber but this time with multiple scientists and guards to perform further research. When the hammer door closed however, one of the scientists pulled out his pistol and shot every person in the room before taking his own life. To this day the chamber or the medical facility have not been located .


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