Trip to Russia: Norilsk and Volgograd

Bring the most northern city in Russia, Norilsk is a very cold city. Due to this cold weather, it is very hard to harvest food and keep livestock healthy. There is a lot offload shortages.

Geography and Climate


The government in Russia is communist. Laws in Russia consist of civil law and common law. Three laws consist of freedom of the press, it is illegal to drive a dirty car, and the Anti-Gay propaganda law.


They have a very stable economy. They have a 5.8% unemployment rate, and a GDP of $2.6 Trillion dollars.


The population is 100,000 people in Norilsk. There is 143.5 billion people in all of a Russia.

Languages Spoken

The people in this city speak Russian.


The religion is Russian orthodox.  

Cost of Airfare

Maps of the Two Cities

Art & Culture

Russia has a major history in martial arts. When it comes to architecture, it is mainly religious based. Ballet is also very prominent in Russian culture. Many art pieces, whether it be architecture, paintings, or dance, the artistic value is very ornate and colorful.

The Three Must See's

Norilsk Polar Drama Theatre- this theatre is known for its beautiful lights during Christmas time.

Nurdi Kamal Mosque- known for it's beautiful outside, with colorful details and intense architecture.

Hall of Military Glory- memorial for the victims of WWII. Very beautiful with flowers, and names of the soldiers written on the walls.


The currency in Russia is the Russian Ruble. 1 Russian Ruble is the equivalent to .019 US dollars.

Major Newspapers

The most popular newspapers in Russia are the Daily City Times, CNN Point, and the ARI a Russian News Agency.

Influential Magazines

The BRIC magazine is very influential in Russia, as well as the Literary Digest.


In Norilsk, the hotel is Polyarnaya Zvezda. The rate per night is $157 USD.

In Volgograd, the hotel is Hampton by Hilton, and the rate per night is $73 USD.


In Norilsk, the restaurant I would like to try is Tet-A-Tet.

In Volgograd, I would like to try the restaurant Cookery Volgograd.

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