wonder character in the spotlight:

characters tie to the theme

The main theme for Via was loneliness. Examples are when via cant spend time with her mom because of august. I think that was a hard impacted on via. she learned that to do a lot on her on. since her mom cant help her and at the end of the story she learned to forgive her mom and august. she learned about loneliness is that you have to over come being lonely it is not fun but it is life.   

via influences

The impacted was on via's mom. via impacted on her mom because her mom cant have time to spend it with her because of august and via was mad at her mom so via had to over come being mad at her mom. august hade the most impacted on via because he took away her mom from her when he was a baby. their relationship is some times good and sometimes bad. why their relationship was sometimes good a sometimes bad she was mad at him because he took away her mom from her.it is sometimes good because when she forgave august she was not mad at him.          

art representation

I picked the california coast as my picture and the artist is albert bierstadt i picked the picture because viea is so lonly and has no one to sport her and she has to be on her own.in the story her mom dose not have time to spend it with her because of augustso she has to stay by her self and so the picture is like viea is all alon on the beatch and she is all by her self without her mom. The panting repersents viea because it looks very lonly and via is very lonley.

Character analysis