Rusty solomon How to control the progress of a project?

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Rusty solomon on One of the fundamentals of project management, the cutting of a project in phases, actions and ultimately into elementary tasks. The exercise, known as WBS or work breakdown structure is very useful during initial project planning. Rusty Solomon Prospection customer loyalty He quickly led to hundreds or thousands of tasks for a single project. Once the WBS established, the project manager assesses the burden each task and allocates resources to the task. It can measure the expense and duration of the project.

The WBS and monitoring tasks by rusty solomon are they provided good tools to guide the progress of a project? Personally I think that in general, the answer is "no."

Control the progress of a project by tasks: mission impossible?

The traditional methods of project management intend to evaluate the progress of a project under the percentage of completion of each task WBS and consolidating this information to determine a way forward. The end date of the project can it be re-estimated using a re-planning rusty solomon of each task, taking into account the dependencies ...

This method is proven and provides satisfactory results ... if it is implemented by people control over the technical project management ... and if the information about task progress are reliable: every project confirmed aware that a project or 80% of the tasks are done "80%", all over, is not necessarily made with 64% ...

For my part, I consider that this method is completely inappropriate for most projects that thrive in Rusty solomon business recruitment, and are generally driven by general managers, who do not have a project office full time.

Monitoring of progress by tasks gives an illusion of control (ie detailed) but can obscure the reality: the project is not moving!
Driving from the foundation: An approach to manager

To effectively control a project, I recommend monitoring the passage of milestones and the use of simple graphical tools: time chart - time and diagram drift.
Milestones, for what?

The "milestone" is a key moment of the project for which a controllable intermediate result is delivered. (eg, the delivery of the final version of the specification). The big advantage of the milestone in relation to the task, is its simplicity. A milestone is reached or not.
Methods used to define a plan of relevant staking early in the project.

Monitor progress with milestones

In a pilot by milestones, the project review is to validate if a milestone is passed or not, and set the date of passage reassessed. Rusty solomon Mandrien The rental investment of mandrien It's easy and then passing the milestone allows to have a controllable non-subjective information, and shared on the progress of the project.

Several indicators can be calculated using benchmarks to measure the advance or delay a project. Include the milestones% actual usage vs% target or monitoring milestone that derives most.

Returning to our example of the project for which 80% of the spots are made of 80% but no complete, the information that the first five milestones that should have been passed are not (it remains 20% of the tasks to be done) n 'is it not more valuable than average progress?

The milestone so it is the tool of control, where the task is the building block needed to build the project. The milestones reflect the tasks as management control translates the information of accounting. But what do you need to make decisions? a dash (milestone) or an accounting balance (task)?